President to meet religious leaders following tensions

wijeyadasa-rajapakshePresident Maithripala Sirisena is to meet religious leaders tomorrow to seek unity among all religions following the recent tensions which arose in some parts of the country.

Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said that the Ministers in charge of all religions will also attend the meeting.

He said that talks were already held with religious leaders on a lover level and now the discussion will be held on a higher level with the participation of the President.

A large number of people had attempted to enter Batticaloa on Saturday but were prevented from doing so by the Police on a court order.

The mob which called itself the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ included members of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and the Sihala Ravaya.

BBS General Secretary Galagodathe Gnanasara thera said that the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ attempted to visit a monk in Batticaloa who had recently staged protests in support of the Sinhalese community.

Galagodathe Gnanasara thera insisted that the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ had no intention of creating disharmony among the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in Batticaloa but only wanted to show their support to the monk.

Security was tightened in Batticaloa over the weekend with the police Special Task Force being deployed to the area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What kind of reconciliation one can expect from Mr. Rajapakse who made a sweeping statement in parliament recently without any evidence after he speaking to the terrorist monk Gnanassara affirming 32 Muslims from 4 elite familities have joined the ISIS and there were Muslim terrorists n Sri Lanka.

    He has s already incited racial tension between the Muslims and Sinhalese with the connivance of theBBS and he should not be involved in any reconciliation activities as his racist mind will destroy all peace efforts.

  2. Enforce the law equally to all those preach hatred, be it Sinhalease, Tamils or Muslims. Show everyone that law of the country is supreme and hatred is not tolerated.
    Of course there will be political fallout at least in the short term. President had pledged not to seek second term, so that should not concern him. Enforce the law. That’s the greatest contribution MS can do to the country.
    Country is fast moving towards anarchy. Extremists run amok, govt. can’t push through universally accepted norms on women’s rights, bus drivers force govt. to reverse decisions that everyone else unanimously support.
    MR handed over a (mostly) peaceful country. Al least maintain that peace.

  3. It’s about time that this lop sided reconciliation thing stops and stops now. Let us all get real, there will be no real reconciliation or whatever as long as the majority community is being afforded step motherly treatment to appease others

    • You are absolutely correct. Minority bullying the majority. Separation is the main concern they have. They don’t want to learn sinhalese to connect with the mainstream and work together. They need everything their way. Their demands are mainly for tamill speaking teachers, government officials, police and then remove the defence forces from the North. The others are targeting all buddhist historical worship places and to establish their own, to make false claims for their rights. Government came to power on their piggyback and now there is big task to satisfy their demands to stay in power.

      • Well said Ranjith, You cant have no go areas in Sri Lanka, for the majority ethnic group, they have become minorities in these areas like Batticola and the North, The more Govt turns a blind eye to atrocities of the Muslim /Tamil administration towards Sinhala families, you will see people rising against such, if he minority Tamils and Muslims want to live in peace don’t destroy Buddhist religious sites with connivance of the administrators in the north and East. Sinhala are traditionally peace loving accommodating ethnic group, don’t exploit their kindness and benevolence. If required they will rise up to protect their rights.

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