Distorted Sri Lanka flags raised by BBS led mob

15284930_1278493895503968_5007672821711345085_nDistorted Sri Lanka flags were raised by a mob led by the Bodu Bala Sena which was on its way to Batticaloa yesterday.

The flags did not have the two green and orange colour stripes that represent the minorities in Sri Lanka.

A large number of people had attempted to enter Batticaloa but were prevented from doing so by the Police on a court order.

The mob which called itself the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ included members of the Sihala Ravaya.

BBS General Secretary Galagodathe Gnanasara thera said that the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ attempted to visit a monk in Batticaloa who had recently staged protests in support of the Sinhalese community.

Galagodathe Gnanasara thera insisted that the ‘Shasanarakshka Sabha’ had no intention of creating disharmony among the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in Batticaloa but only wanted to show their support to the monk.

Security was tightened in Batticaloa yesterday and today with the police Special Task Force being deployed to the area. (Colombo Gazette)


    • Of course it looks better this way and it was the actual flag of Sinhale. By adding two stripes it is distorted. When we surrendered to British our country called “Kingdom of Sinhale”. But when we gain independence DS government did not took the name “Sinhale” as our country name. If he took that name minorities call today as Sinhale tamils and Sinhale muslims. And also added two stripes to Sinhale flag to appease minorities. Since then politicians greedy to stay in power, appease minorities by fullfilling their demands. Now it comes to a climax and Don Juan planning to give part of the country to minorities.

  1. It is the only country of Sinhala Buddhists on this earth. Let them. They are the founders of the Country Sri Lanka and they must decide what the flag should be.

  2. Why can’t we raise the Singhalese flag or the flag of the ancient Kandyan Kingdom ?
    Is this reconciliation applicable only to the Singhalese? How would the police or even the court prevent “free movement of human beings”. This is a violation of their basic human rights!
    Since when did the Singhalese flag become an unlaw, banned entity!?

  3. What is distorted are the minds of those racists who support a divided nation.

    If every citizen of the country believe they are Sri Lankans, then what’s wrong with having this flag. It is important that every citizen of the country understand and agree that it is the Sinhala Buddhist culture that made the country that we live in today. So then what’s wrong with displaying the “Sinha” flag.???

    Realistically, it is the racists who would have a problem with this flag. So who gives a two hoots to such scum.???

    • The “Reporter or the Editor” that described the procession of Sinhala citizens and the Buddhist Sangha going about anywhere in this Island, displaying the proper National Flag, as “Distorted Sri Lanka flags raised by BBS led mob” is wrong and should be punished.

      That flag is the correct flag and the Buddhist Monks that led the procession did not commit any thing detrimental to the country.


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