Authentic Thai cuisine at La Rambla

la-ramblaAmidst a multitude of dining options that make Hotel Road in Mount Lavinia the culinary hub that it is, the brand new Thai Cuisine La Rambla stands out – not just as the only Thai restaurant in the area, but also for its impeccable offering. With a menu devised by the deft hands of Chef Papat Pachid from Thailand, and set against the quirky charm of a whitewashed building in the heart of Mount Lavinia, this new restaurant will offer a delicious and completely authentic glimpse of Colombo’s favourite indulgence when it comes to dining out.

This is the second Thai restaurant by Tasty Caterers, which also owns Thai Cuisine Boulevard on Queen’s Road. Headed by well-known Thai chef ‘Mama’ Ari Jittman, Boulevard has become Colombo’s go-to for Thai in the short span of a year. Tasty is also the name behind some of Colombo’s old favourites including Tasty on Fife Road, Café on the Fifth, and Crossroads in Nawala.

With La Rambla, the vision is to offer the same authenticity and deliciousness but with a distinctive touch, says Tasty Founder Kanthi Jayamaha. Kanthi is closely involved in the day to day operations of her business keeping it attuned to the changing needs of her customers. “Our La Rambla customers have been asking us to expand the small Thai cuisine section of our menu for years,” she says. “Since this area has no other Thai restaurant, we felt that it would be fitting to let La Rambla focus exclusively on Thai cuisine.”

Kanthi has enlisted the skills of Chef Papat Pachid for the job. Chef Pachid has worked in several Thai restaurants across South East Asia, most notably in Singapore. His signature dish is a fiery but sophisticated Panang Goong, or prawn red curry. A fragrant curry paste packed with red chillies, lemongrass and coriander is tempered by coconut milk, palm sugar and Thai aromatics for this delicious classic; Chef Pachid says it is second nature to him, adding that “if the diner is happy and returns regularly to us for their Thai fix, then I have done my job.”

The menu at Thai Cuisine La Rambla is extensive but well curated, with Chef Pachid devising each item to preserve the authenticity of his country’s cuisine with a nod to the heat seeking Sri Lankan palate. Begin your meal with a starter such as Crispy Marinated Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaf or a classic Tom Yum, or try something new with Yum Som O (pomelo fruit salad with chicken and shrimp in Thai dressing). Creamy, well spiced and lightly tempered Chicken Phad Thai is a must have from the menu.

You can take a break from the heavier dishes with a fresh Green Papaya Salad, and sip on tangy tamarind juice. If you’re vegetarian, there’s Tofu Eggplant or Taow Hoo Pak Ruam (tofu and long beans).

For dessert, the classics come into play; try Kao Niew Ma Mwong (sticky rice with mango) or Woon Gati, Thai coconut jelly served with jaggery for a lighter end to your meal. For drinks, the restaurant staff will recommend the subtle lemongrass iced tea or fizzy, sweet ginger lemonade.

At La Rambla, diners can enjoy their meal inside the restaurant, decorated with a quietly oriental touch and complemented by piped music playing melodic folk tunes from Thailand. Or they can dine al fresco with the mild sea breeze. Restaurant managers Noel Kelaart and M.P. Mahanama are veterans in the hospitality industry and will be on hand to assist diners with the menu and other queries. The restaurant can accommodate up to 50 diners and will remain open around the year from 11am to 11pm. A semi private dining area inside is well suited for small events and extended family dinners. Make your reservation by calling 0112725403.


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