Talks between bus trade unions and President successful

dsc_4485Talks held between private bus trade unions and President Maithripala Sirisena this morning have been successful.

Private bus trade unions said that they had suspended the strike launched yesterday as a result of the outcome of the discussions.

Thousands were stranded yesterday as private bus trade unions and three-wheel associations launched a strike over a proposed Rs. 25,000 fine.

The President has now decided to appoint a committee to look into the grievances of private bus owners as well as issues relating to the transport sector.

The committee will comprise of the Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, Secretary to the Ministry of Finance , DIG of Motor Traffic, and senior officers representing the Attorney-General and Commissioner General of Motor Traffic as well as an Additional Secretary to the President.

The Committee will meet on Monday with selected representatives of bus owners to discuss matters further.

The President pointed out that the bus owners can discuss not only the issue regarding the proposed fines system but any other relevant issues as well.

He said the Government is committed to do what is right for the people and that it is always ready to listen to and discuss with all parties while making sure that decisions reached are fair by all. (Colombo Gazette)


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