Police fire tear gas on joint opposition protest near Parliament

tear-gas-waterThe Police fired tear gas on a joint opposition protest near Parliament today.

The protest was staged by supporters of the joint opposition demanding the holding of the Local Government (LG) elections soon.

The police were forced to close the road near Parliament as a result of the protest.

However the police later used water cannons and tear gas to disperse the protesters. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Since 2015 January 9th MS and CBK+ Ranil W…of UNP government has apply “new “Policy of Democracy that used all police powers to supressed any democratic protests by GUN RULE political power .

    The UNP under that Ranil W of Christen Democracy that so-called “Good Governances” has not heed grivirances of many sectors of Public protest by People.

    The key values of democratic of that The Right protest is accepts that main values of any democratic nation through the world ;but by current UNP regime denied this fundamental RIGHTS of Democracy!

    We are nation of Democracy, that is key pillar of governances of our people;not like that Islam State in Middle Eats countries like Saudi Arabia!

    The UNP current regime has supressed Right to Protested by processing by using Police power and Military personals .

    Current ruling regime working towards Police State in Island by removing Rights of People and their values step by step leadership of Ranil W.. MS and CBK of neo-colonialized anti -people regime in power.

    The JVP anarchist of Terrorist and TNA of Separatist of anti-Establishment outfits are backing current UNP regime in power by many perks has been given in back Door politics powers by UNP leadership.

    There is unpredesently risk for the system of Democracy by UNP ruling alliances, with anti-establishments elements around current regime.

    In fact TNA and JVP line of anti-establishment movement will end up in Military Governance in
    Sri lanka.

    By the act Police GUN RULE politics of UNP is that daily loosing the voice of democratic of our nation.

    First that UNP movement of governance must STOP attack Public by Police power that will destroy key Rights of Good Governances and Rule of Law are main pillars of Democracy in the current world order.

    We strongly condemned the Police forces by that intervention of People Protested Movements.


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