Home Store Gallery – a haven of décor

2Homeowners today strive to give their homes and living spaces that added element of elegance and style commingled with comfort. When it comes to styling ones household, the daunting experience of mixing and matching according to ones taste could become a daunting experience. But, now, no longer, as the Home Store Gallery, located at No. 47, S. D. S. Jayasinghe Mawatha, Kohuwala is just the right place to help you find contemporary household amenities at reasonable prices.

Home Store Gallery is a lovely little showroom that had catered to the supply of beautifully designed wallpaper to clients who seek that added touch of luxury to their homes. Home Store Gallery initially started as a family business over 10 years ago, with the supply of wallpapers especially imported from Germany. Managed by Chief Operating Officer Adnaan Iqbal, his concept has incorporated a bigger area of the showroom that is dedicated to a collection of best quality branded wallpapers.

“We also provide our clients with the chance to choose through a collection of over 20 catalog books holding some of the best designs of wallpapers, to be imported on order apart from what we have available in store,” Adnaan says.

One advantage that customers can achieve through the Home Store Gallery for their wall décor needs is that the company would only charge on the expanse of wallpaper that is needed to cover up the intended space thus minimizing wastage and cost for their client. Sometimes customers would end up with wallpaper rolls with extra unused wallpaper that could end up discarded but with the Home Store Gallery, the wallpaper rolls are available in 50 sq. ft and 100 sq.ft options and they would take care of any excess wastage.

To offer their loyal and prospective customers with an even bigger range of household décor all under one roof, Home Store Gallery had recently expanded their product portfolio by introducing other items such as table linen, table cloth, napkins, cushion covers, bed sheets and quilts, towels, bathroom sets, dustbins, glass water bottles, spice racks, mason jars, glass canisters, cutlery, cookware and furniture to name a few.

The Home Store Gallery also features a beautiful range of carpets that have been imported from Pakistan. Woolen carpets and rugs are available in store and come in segments such as machine made as well as cotton made and handmade.

There is even an exclusive segmented area that has been reserved for baby products which goes as ‘Mommy’s Designer Boutique’ and offers a range of products such as baby clothes, cot sets comprising of quilts, sheets and pillow cases. Customers can also purchase these products and even get them custom-made depending on their preferred choice of design.

One can find a little bit of everything at the Home Store Gallery, but encompassing a more trendy and fashionable outlook. Not only this, but the Gallery also accommodates some of the best quality branded wallpaper imported from Germany.

In contrast to other outlets that accommodate fancy and chic household items, the amenities that you can find at the Home Store Gallery are available at reasonable prices. The showroom is also sure to be poised as the ideal spot for interior designers and architects looking to complete a project and aim for some highly rated, good quality and reasonably priced domestic fixtures and furnishings.

“Another addition that we will be looking forward to implement in the near future is our offering of a registry service for your upcoming wedding or baby shower. Customers will be able to come over to the Home Store Gallery and register their upcoming event, state their requirements and inform their guests about leisurely picking out the items that they would like to inculcate into their wedding or baby shower,” Adnaan added.

Not only this but the Home Store Gallery also showcases elegant Pakistani shalwars at a specially segmented area run by attire outlet ‘Malabis,’ offering exclusive pieces from branded designers such as Bin Saeed and Gul Ahamed.

The Home Store Gallery also introduces promotions once every week on selected products where customers are bound to find a special offer in store. One such offer for instance is their ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ on selected product categories as well as their ongoing promotions that will be available throughout the entire season. Customers and anyone on the lookout for high quality household items are sure to find something worth their while at the Home Store Gallery.