Hundreds stranded as bus, three-wheel owners strike

dsc_4568Hundreds of people were stranded today as private bus and three-wheel operators staged a strike against the proposed minimum traffic fine.

The public travelling to office this morning faced severe difficulties as a result of the strike.

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) had deployed extra buses on the streets to ensure day to day activities are not affected.

Some Sri Lanka Transport Board buses were attacked during the strike.

The SLTB sought police protection for the buses. Three-wheel operators also protested during the strike by blocking some roads and railway lines.

The public transport sector is demanding that the proposed Rs. 25,000 fine not be implemented. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Yes lessening to public before collecting TAX and FINE ! The duty and responsibility of RULES
    The Current UNP-SLFP alliance Govt. in very big short of money that running day to day country affairs.

    They want billons of TAX -Money form public to remain in power by hook or crook.

    Over tax collections are heavy burdens to Small Business people and self-Employments and other public.

    The Present ruling regime are involved of billions of Rupees of scandal from CB Bonds scam.
    Primer is main culprit of that.
    Still such corruption charges has not be address by Ruling regime?

    The corruption culprits are still in free from the Rule of Law.


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