US Vice President-elect telephones President Sirisena

326mikepenceUS Vice President-elect Mike Pence telephoned President Maithripala Sirisena today and discussed future US-Sri Lanka relations.

Pence and President Maithripala Sirisena had reportedly discussed further strengthening US-Sri Lanka relations under President Donald Trump.

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence has told President Sirisena he will look to arrange a meeting soon between Trump and Sirisena.

Pence and Sirisena had also discussed maritime security and disaster management. Trump will take office next year. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Give them Trincomale port.Everything will be fine.Just like we gave Hamba to China.I think we should allocate one for India as well.

  2. We do not want that Sri Lanka be place of revival of superpowers of US hegemonies domination our Island.
    Under President Mohamed Barak Obama of USA that has undermined ours Sovereignty and Democracy by charging War Crime against people of Sri Lankan.

    The 30 years of WAR against ruthless Tamil terrorist of LTTE was defeated by security forces to safeguard Democracy and Nation sovereignty.

    Is that the WAR CRIME?

    The US -Elected President has to be that sort it out central issues Democracy which charge by pervious Govt. of USA.

    Sri lanka since 1948 is one of few countries had been maintain elected democracies after end of second world war.
    The USA must respect our nation values of Democracy and its Sovereignty.

      • still believing in fairytales? “But My Genocide!” “LTTE Are Freedom Fighters” “This land belongs to the Tamils”. Please stop invading our island go back to your cesspool of south india

  3. Donald Trump and Mike Pence should also look into Tamil Genocide, the reasons for it, and grant justice to victims, by supporting an International inquiry as agreed by the USA and SL in the UNHRC resolution.

    The Sinhalese do not seem to understand the difference between “Sinhala Buddhist racism” against Tamils and “Sinhala Nationalism”.

    A nationalist cares for and values of every citizen of his country. A racist cares and values only his race.

    By this understanding “Buddhist monk” Sumana is a Sinhala Buddhist racist with hatred and no concern for Tamil Citizens of SL, let alone the lack of practicing Buddhist principles, yet wearing a saffron robe.

    If one analyses the events of the past 60 years, murder of Tamils,grabbing their land, planting Buddha staues, war and Tamil genocide are the symptoms of Sinhala racism against Tamils and not Sinhala Nationalism as often portrayed by the media.

    The Sinhala racist symptoms remain unpunished for the past 60 years.

    What needs to be done is Sinhalese hatred against Tamils should be legislatively banned, but the GSL does not want to do it.

    Let us join the International community and ask the UNHRC to enforce its resolution and have its inquiry to do justice for the victims of war crimes, for people to know the seriousness of punishable Sinhala racism.

    Donald Trump will definitely call the UNHRC to do justice speedily.

    He should also llook into the arms deals of past US governments with SL, which caused Tamil genocide.

    • Donald Trump and Mike Pence should also look into the targeted genocide of Sinhalese by the Tamil terrorists, especially in Tamil majority areas. These terrorists and their diaspora in Western nations quite cleverly covered up the despicable criminal actions of the Tamil terrorists, with false propaganda, which is still continuing. There was no case for the claim of genocide of Tamils. The Sri Lankan armed forces took action not only against Tamil Tiger terrorists but also against the Sinhala JVP terrorists, proving to the world it was done solely to protect the security of all people. In fact it is a fact that over 300,000 Tamil hostages kept by the Tamil terrorists as a human shield were rescued and protected by the armed forces, till they were resettled.

    • Tamil myth of Eealm and genocide is story was build by Tamil chavnanist that including Tamils of East by their political class and powers.
      In fact Tamil Nadu’s Tamils want larger land out of Indian Tamil Nadu. They seek Tamil Empire base of primitive culture of Feudalism type of rough state in Island of Sri lanka.
      Tamils will allied with any type of foreign power for their game of power to obtain by hook or crook.

  4. Why out of all the Countries in Asia Sri Lanka is the only Country unable to stop rowdy behavior of majority of people. When will a Leader or Leaders with determination like late Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore take back Sri Lanka towards prosperity? At the time of independence in Singapore, late Lee Kwan Yew promised to make Singapore like the then Ceylon if they voted for him! later after seeing communal holocaust in Sri Lanka he has written a book where he has again referred to Sri Lanka as a bad example for other Countries not to discriminate minorities.


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