Sri Lanka appoints its first Honorary Consul in Bolivia

1In keeping with its proactive foreign policy engagement with the Latin American sub-continent which is home to newly emerging economic power houses, Sri Lanka has reached out to and forged strategic relationships with a number of countries in the region.

In this context that the Government of Sri Lanka with the concurrence of the Government of Bolivia has appointed Ms Veronica Daniela Perez Cabero, a reputed and well established Bolivian entrepreneur based in La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as Sri Lanka’s first Honorary Consul in Bolivia.

The Honorary Consul Veronica was presented with the Commission of Appointment at the Official Residence of the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Havana in the presence of the Charge d ‘ Affairs of the Embassy of Bolivia, Dr Silvia Fidelia Huanta Mamani and officials from the Embassy of Sri Lanka.

Following the presentation, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Cuba, Sarath Dissanayake congratulated the newly appointed Honorary Consul, Veronica Daniela Perez Cabero and wished her well in all endeavors. The Ambassador appreciated her steadfastness and commitment to promoting Sri Lanka – Bolivia relations and representing Sri Lanka’s interest in Bolivia.

While assuring her of the Embassy’s unstinted support and cooperation, Ambassador Dissanayake extended his gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia and the Bolivian Embassy for making this appointment a reality.

The Honorary Consul, Veronica, in her brief remarks thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka and the Embassy in Cuba for the opportunity to serve as Sri Lanka’s first Honorary Consul in Bolivia. She also expressed her desire to work closely with the Sri Lankan Embassy in forging mutually beneficial relations between the two countries.

Ms Veronica, holder of Bachelor’s Degrees in Humanities, Business Administration and Science & Interior Design (USA) and Master’s Degrees in Industrial Design and Interior Commercial Design (Italy ) is an influential and accomplished “ Interior Designer cum Entrepreneur “ with international presence, having set up a chain of designer shops and commercial outlets in a number of countries. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English. It is noteworthy Italy has presented her with 2 international awards In recognition of her outstanding skills and talents in designing,

The opening of a Sri Lankan n Honorary Consulate in Bolivia is expected to further augment and consolidate Sri Lanka – Bolivia relations in all conceivable fields of interest.

The Honorary Consulate of Sri Lanka in Bolivia could be contacted as follows for those who wish to make inquiries and need further information / assistance on Sri Lanka – Bolivia relations.


  1. Why appoint a Bolivian as a Sri Lankan Honorary Consul in Bolivia? How much are we paying her? Probably, the Deputy Ambassador for Sri Lanka in a neighbouring country would have been a better choice. It seems that this government is also going on the same road and doing mad things just like the last government. Politicians are a funny lot. Once they get power , it seems that they go mad!

    • Use your brain.looked at her educational and social background and strength. In generally you don’t pay anything to such appointment. That’s why it’s called Honorary council. It’s a honour for her to represent Srikanka. She is the right the choice. You can have Srilanjan to do this job without knowing the region and the languages and the social background.

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