Fines from road rule violations for health sector

traffic-policeThe fines collected from road rule violations will be used to improve the health sector and other essential services, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said today.

He said the Government is not estimating the income to be collected from fines as it is purely to reduce road accidents.

“This process is not to get an income for the Government,” the Minister said.

Karunanayake said that the latest technology will be used to ensure a transparent process is followed when imposing a fine on an offender.

The government had recently increased the fines on road rule violations despite objections from some sections of the public transport sector. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Motor Insurance Industry is a culprit in causing more accidents. Their on the spot payment results in most accidents not reported to the Police. They are causing not road worthy drivers, road worthy. RMV and Police should have a mechanism to follow these errant drivers taking cover under on the spot Policy. Insurance Companies should be fined Rs.10,000/ for every on the spot payment.

  2. In as much the high fines are seen as a deterrent to reduce the massive highway indiscipline in this country, it is imperative the traffic police are first educated on traffic laws. They also need to be monitored to ensure they do not resort to accepting wayside bribes and letting motorists go free. The fines need to be doubled for private and CTB bus drivers and heavy vehicle drivers including tippers who have reckless disregard to on-coming vehicles forcing on coming vehicles off the road to prevent head-on collision! How would the fine system prevent influence peddlers from escaping?


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