Devolution of powers considered under unitary state

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith P PereraDevolution of powers to the provinces will be considered under a unitary state, the Government said today.

Deputy Minister of Power and Energy, Ajith P. Perera said that the process to draft a new Constitution includes discussions on devolving powers to the provinces.

However he asserted that the unitary state of the country will not be compromised in the new Constitution, nor will the priority given to Buddhism.

The Deputy Minister said that all religions have accepted the priority given to Buddhism in Sri Lanka and this will be safeguarded in the new Constitution.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday submitted to the Constitutional Assembly reports from six sub-committees appointed to look at a new Constitution.

The six sub-committees were assigned to deliberate on the areas of Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Law and Order, Public Finance, Public Service, and Centre-Periphery Relations.

The process to draft a new Constitution began in January 2016 with the appointment of the Public Representations Committee for Constitutional Reforms (PRC) by the Cabinet of Ministers to seek the views of the people.

The public consultation process was broadly structured to capture the needs and aspirations of the people through nation-wide consultations over several months. This mechanism paved the way for wide and active public participation and a culture of inclusiveness. The mandate of the PRC was to seek oral and written submissions from the public on constitutional reforms through public consultations throughout the country. The PRC held public consultations in all 25 administrative districts and considered a large volume of submissions made by members of the public.

In order to ensure that representations of the public are given due consideration as an integral part of the mandate for constitutional reform, the Report of the PRC was presented to all members of the Constitutional Assembly including the 21 members of the Steering Committee and the Sub-Committees for their consideration.

The Constitutional Assembly comprising all 225 Members of Parliament sits as a Committee which has the powers similar to a Committee of the whole Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We have look back past power devolution by
    Indo -Sri lanka accord 1987 that was original 13th Amedantment to Republic Constitution forced us to accept devolution of power by the GUN POINT OF IPKF of India. That was Indian invading by IPKF.

    Ours power devolution of the package not original came into by own national and democratic consensus and deliberations, but it was forced by Indian IPKF..

    The demarcated of Provincial councils are line of Tamil and Muslim chavnanist/religion politics of by the myth of “Tamil Eealm” was key foundation of 13th Amendment of Republic constitution.
    This was politically known of UNP line of Neo-liberalism of the Neo-con coloinilaztion of an Island divided racial basis by foreign powers.

    The Ours nation state and to be surrender their people’s Sovereignty, Territorial integrity ,an Independent and Democracy by partition of Islanders Racial basis to Indian and USA foreign power to enter into Island by hegemonies ambition.

    We have already working towards ,that under New UNP regime of Ranil.W@ back by CBK of New Federalist and New UNP leader of MS.

    The Turing point was stared since 2015 January 9th regime changes by Foreign conspiracies, put last nail into ours Republic Constitution by name of “Unitary” slogan of changes of New Constitution.
    It is second step of 1987 Indo-Sri lanka accord initiated by UNP-JRJ regime who had been betray our nation sovereignty to Indian vital interest .
    Well, place of Tamil Terrorist and their ideologies of Tamil Eealm are that real Guru of this time, that well balance by TNA is local agent of partition of an Island on Tamil Province by Tamil chavnanist-region .

    The UNP Ranil W@ is want sell north and east part of Island for Tamils and Muslim in racial line of politics. This not secular democracy & reconciliation of minority race that harmony with majority community.

    The proposed “New Constitution” is out-right selling our an Island under the name of “unitary” nature of our land was survival of 2600 years in world History.

    Ours devolution of power are different from Western concept of eradiation of origin of human racers from their origin land by has been totally that one and for all.
    The eradication of home land was belongs their living several centuries countries like USA ,Canada, New-Zealand and Australia original races had been totally eliminated by White races.

    We are not that. We want all races their region and religion living togethers as one country with accepts of diversity. That is key line of our civilization of democracy.

    We are totally an opposed ,that ‘New’ proposed devolution and changes by UNP leadership back by CBK of new federalist of SLFP politics.


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