1. It is well known facts all UNP leaders are most corrupted persons since 1948.UNP leader are committed to genocides our nation Economy since 1948!

    Because that they always talk of “good governances” or “Just society” or “Dhamarasthist Rule ” in their words of hipcoracy, is not that democracy.

    Malik S …. can not be an honest person out of this lot.
    Bond scam is UNP new game of politics of easy way to earn money has been innovated by Ranil w and his team of advisers Praslkaralingm, Ratwatta and Milak .

    The Share of the Capital formation was invented by Arjuna Mahanadaran of New Singhoporean model of looting public funds by newly build scandal nexus of
    Sri Lankan National Economy.

    The A. Mahandran of Tamil national of Singhoporean citizen has set up New Path to repatriated Capital to Singhoporean economy.

    By and large Bond scam easy way get millions of Dollars out of Sri lanakn foreign currency invented by UNP leadership of Ranil W. and Milak S…. and Kabier Hussan of Muslim and their think tanks.

    That is what UNP leadership called “good governances” indeed that UNP says they won mandate to loot public funds by 2015 January 9th
    and 2105 August 17 by voters of the public mandate.

    No power can challenged their authority to search truth of their corruptions originated by UNP leaders Ranil w,, is core leadership.

    Rani W.. under blessing of GOD that RIGHT of Christianity .

    The UNP says policies of leaders which is that Discretionary fiscal policy of his New regime change has been approved by mandate of 2015 August 17th voters.

    Any corruption all files or allegations against Primer Ranil W.. .Malik.S…. Ravi R.. & Kabir Hussan goes to Attanory General Department by blessing of President of SL and consent of CBK.

    That is how rule of law working in Sri lanka by under the the “Equality before the LAW”.

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