TNA raises concerns over Sampanthan’s security

Sampanthan-60000-1The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today raised concerns in Parliament over the poor security given to opposition leader R. Sampanthan.

TNA Parliamentarian E. Sarawanabavan said that the opposition leader has been given vehicles in poor condition for his security.

Sarawanabavan said that the Government must take immediate action to address the concerns.

In response, Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayake said that the vehicles given to the opposition leader for his backup security is part of the existing fleet of vehicles with the police.

He said that he will look into the concerns raised by the MP and ensure the opposition leader is given a proper backup vehicle. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Well under the UNP Ranil W administration that LTTE Tamil diaspora and Pro -Tamil chavnanist is high of level violence in North Province.
    They(UNP Ranil W) allows that Chief Minister of North that C. Wigneraism freehand to undermined National security of north.
    CM of North is man who encouraging Tamil students and youth to be path of violence since 2015 January 9th .
    And Eastern Province Chief Minister Nassir also attacking security Forces by publicly promotion of ISIS militants in Eastern Province.
    That is how security lapses came into being North and Eastern Province since 2015 January of that “good governances and rule of law” under MS New regime.
    The recanalization and harmony is essential to democracy consolidation of its survival .
    But that is NOT with the Tamil or Muslim terrorist cohabitations.
    That is different political agenda of Western ideology of “Democracy”!

    President of MS that must removed two CM of North and East immediate effects in shake of National security is concern by without further delay .

    I agreed Leader of opposition has to provide security is important .We have know that threaten comes for roots of LTTE and ISIS Terrorist outfits.

    They are extremist in politically ,they against establishment of democratic organization and their represtantive.
    This was happen during JVP Terrorism in south since 1965 May of foundation, that JVP anarchism of politics of terrorism 50 odd years.
    The Democratic society and majority people are denied Terrorism what ever its roots comes any nook and corner of Island.


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