1. Sri Lankan economic policies under the Old -UNP Ranil W, CBK of Neo -con SLFP Federalist and MS in New UNP leader running on zig sag policies do want to ruin Island development and democracy.

    By and large foreign hegemonies interest came first by budget proposals.

    That is the new path of replace by new anarchist political-economic-social that social order of mode of moribund system of neo-colonialism by passed capitalist line of development of sustsnibility.

    It will harm & undermined national economic by approved budget 162 majority Members of parliament. The democracy lost its championship.
    We as a Nation no longer in world list of Democracy’s Camp.

    We are fast moving towards Closed economic policies ,by heavily Taxed on citizens of majority members of parliament 162 of that current Budget given consent, that against will of majority People. This pattern of political-economic being out of controlled people Will.

    That is obviously will be leads to struggle out of accepted intuitional frame work.
    If it was 2015 January 9th “Rainbow” Revolution, that will lead to another People’s Revolution led by masses of poverty of democracy!

    Task is obviously democratic Revolution by its nature belong to capitalism not that Old, but its New Order of going be join other part of Globe.

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