Duminda will not go to Singapore for treatment says family

Duminda Silva_CIThe family of convicted politician Duminda Silva says there is no move to take Duminda Silva to Singapore for treatment.

Dilini Anne Silva, the sister of Duminda Silva, said that the doctor who carried out the first surgery on Duminda Silva in Sri Lanka is well aware of his medical condition.

Dilini Anne Silva said that Duminda Silva was transferred from the prison hospital to the Sri Jayawardanapura hospital by prison officials as he was falling sick frequently.

“The story that we have an intention to take him to Singapore is an absolute lie and a made up story to mislead the public. He’s a human being who was shot on the head and has the right to receive treatment although the Sri jayawardapura hospital has refused to treat him stating prisoners are not welcomed at the Sri Jayawardanapura hospital,” she said in a Facebook post.

Duminda Silva was convicted over the murder of politician Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra and was sentenced to death.

Duminda Silva has filed an appeal against the death sentence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This crook/drug dealer was never shot on his head. This is what MR and GR was saying and made it out to be true. MR & GR made Sumal Perera to get his friend/mistress, Dr. Maheshi ( Brain surgeon) to write a letter to the courts stating that she operated on him and also she again stated that Duminda has very sever brain damage, when he returned from Singapore. However in private among her elite friends in Colombo she said that Duminda was not shot and there was no need for her to operate.
    Now after MR & GR lost their power Dr. Maheshi does not want to associate herself with this case. Dr. Maheshi’s family is well connected and her brother is very close to Ranil. Therefore, Ranil do not want Dr. Maheshi brought in front of a judge and that is the escape from jail card for Duminda and his family.
    What Duminda’s sister is trying to do is to remind Ranil is–either you get Duminda out of jail during the appeal or we will drag Dr. Maheshi through the courts.
    Dr. Maheshi may even go to prison for giving false evidence to the courts.
    This is indeed a catch 22 situation for Ranil and Dr. Maheshi.
    I shall bet my bottom Dollar Ranil will save Duminda and will be released during the appeal hearing. If not Duminda’s family will destroy Dr. Mahesi.

    • It gives an idea from the writer, that justice in Sri Lanka Means high society connections and how much money you can throw to political Leaders. Then What is the role of courts? Courts are for the punishment of the poor man and men without anything. I now understand why bail given to Tiran Alles is attacked on certain websites. Why AG has not appealed against the Tirans Bail.

  2. These are all crooks of the highest order. Mahesi is an insult to the medical fraternity. Duminda with his ill got t’en drug money will sure come out clean at the appeal. Dual standards thrives in our Land like no other. Réal patients needing médicaments attention lacks much needed treatment and judiciaire hell bent on finding or innovate means to justify the release of crooks while sending innocent people without means to the prison.

  3. This guy Ranil, our gentleman politician will be taught a very good lesson at the next General Election. He will not even win his own seat. Now people of SL knows that Ranil is the powerful UNP politician who protects MR, GR and their family members who robbed our dear country’s wealth. Basically he protects the entire JO crooks as none of these crooks have been brought to the courts with regards to the massive fraud, robbery, murders (Thajudeen and Lasantha) . These crooks and murders are brought to the courts for petty issues such as misuse of ministry vehicles!!.
    Ranil has done a deal with MR in the early hours of the 09/01/2015 that he will not touch MR and family or any of MR’s close friends in return for MR’s actions during his Presidency in keeping Ranil as the opposition leader during upheavals in the UNP to kick Ranil out of the leadership. Ranil is eternally grateful to MR for that .
    However, the worst thing in this world is not robbing the country’s wealth or murdering political enemies but protecting the robbers and the murders from getting justice.
    Let us not worry the SL voters will show Ranil and the UNP what they think of them at the next general election. The UNP under Ranil’s leadership will win only hand full of seats.


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