TNA wants displaced Muslims resettled in the North

SampanthanThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today called on the Government to resettle displaced Muslims in the North.

TNA and opposition leader R. Sampanthan told Parliament that there is a feeling among Muslims that Tamils do not want Muslims in the North.

He said that Tamils and Tamil speaking people want the Muslims displaced from the North to be resettled on the land they own in the North.

Sampanthan also said that the TNA is prepared to work with the Government to address the issues faced by the Tamils and Tamil speaking people.

“We hope this country will have a new Constitution which has been a dire need,” he said.

He said the new Constitution must be acceptable to all people and ensure a solution within a united Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hi TNA,

    what about displaced Sinhales in the North and the East?

    TNA is cleary Racists to its core by saying so and as above said TNA as a whole and Sampanthan in particular have become jokers.

    Let us tell everybody very clearly that Sri Lanka is a Unitary and not united and all Sri Lankans must be able to live in all parts of the country. Provinces are created on the map for the Administrative purposes and those are not on the ground and it is one country where no any are belonging to any particular ethinic group as Sri Lanka is a BUDDHIST COUNTRY with its majority as Sinhalese. Others can live peacefully within those parameters.


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