Government not responsible for actions of former regime

john-amaratungaThe Government says it will not be responsible for the actions of the former regime.

Minister of Tourism, John Amaratunga told Parliament today that the unity Government will ensure a fair deal for the Tamils in the proposed new Constitution.

“You can be assured of a fair deal in all affairs. But please don’t be in a hurry. We cannot be responsible for what took place during the previous regime,” he said.

The Minister, responding to a statement made by Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian S. Sritharan, said that efforts are being made to ensure the rights of the Tamils are protected.

He also said that the Government is looking to release most of the land held by the military and owned by Tamil civilians in the North.

The Minister also urged the Tamil National Alliance to ensure violence does not erupt in the North once again. (Colombo Gazette)