Cabinet discusses attempts to spread racial hatred

gayantha-karunathilaka2Cabinet has discussed attempts being made to spread racial hatred in the country once again, a Minister said today.

Media Minister Gayantha Karunatillake said that some recent incidents had been brought to the notice of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Karunatillake said that those incidents will be dealt with under the law. Concerns had been raised this week over a spate of events with ominous portents for ethnic and religious harmony and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

These include the increasing use of hate speech against minorities by some members of the Buddhist clergy and by other protest groups, and by widespread anti-minority hate speech in social media.

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) had said that there appears to be an element of orchestration, of deeper political agendas aimed at reversing the country’s current path towards peace, reconciliation, and reform, and especially where members of the clergy have been involved, police and civil servants have succumbed to the culture of deference rather than restore order.

CPA had noted that the President and the Prime Minister have an obligation to provide strong and principled leadership against these invidious forces, to restate their commitment to the democratic values of pluralism and tolerance on which they were elected, and ensure that police and civil servants are given the confidence to enforce the law in the face of intimidation and threats of violence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. .For a reconciliation there are two parties who will give and take..Reconciliation does not mean giving in to every demand of the minorities. Minorities logically would mean new comers.Had they demanded 50/50 or right to their own identity on arrival our ancestors would, no doubt, have driven them back to where ever they came from Minorities.should appreciate this.
    Gov.t should realise that minority votes.only tipped the scale but the base was the votes of the major communty..
    Let us all be Srilankan citizens with equal rights Let us not make unreasonable demands..If one feels India or Arabia is better let them migrate.

  2. Can everyone be in peace in this island of sri lanka one day everyone going to die in this world but not for hatred etc just think few mints and think about your family and others. let the government of sri lanka solve this problems ASAP without any blood bath please.

  3. Someone please tell me this so called cabinet minister that reconciliation (I don’t know what more is there to reconcile in the first place as we, the regular public has all lived in peace for generations) should be applicable to all parties and not just to the majority!
    Giving into every demand of the minority, antogonizing the majority, sure ain’t gonna create reconciliation or anything for that matter!

  4. Sri Lanka has become a strange convoluted place with minorities trying to rule the roost. ‘Tail wagging the dog’ scenario has been created by the SLFP/UNP/TNA alliance to the detriment of the majority who are undergoing real hardship without anybody to help them. Not a good sign.

  5. you idiots this is happening because of your so called reconciliation efforts of trying to please the minorities and ignoring the majority naturally people will create unrest and problems. YOU people are a set of idiots. Do you think reconciliation should be only in the North and East and then you blame the JO grow up and be responsible

    • The biggest idiots are those who incite hatred. It’s because of morons with attitudes like the self proclaimed “saviour of the Sinhalese” that the Tigers raised their ugly heads. What exactly has happened to the Sinhalese that we need saving from? We can all live in harmony if as Sinhala Buddhists we can be tolerant and peaceful of all people and all races. The more we agitate, the more they will agitate. It never ends and as ‘Reality’ suggests, who is Sinhala? who is Tamil, who is Burgher or muslim? I’m willing to bet we are all mixed. MR and family themselves are Malay Indonesians, not Sinhala. This Government does give into the Racist ‘Monks’ created by MR and Co. They have a free run to create havoc.

  6. I agree how do we identify the ancestors could we do a DNA test to entire population and separate them out who has Kerala , Bengal, Tamil, Portuguese, Dutch, English . We have very fair , fair, dark , very dark Sri Lankan’s


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