Three wheelers to be replaced with electric cars

three wheelThe Government is looking at replacing three wheelers with electric cars.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that Sri Lanka has nearly 1.3 million three wheelers operating on the road and they are the most vulnerable to accidents.

“As such, to improve safety of the drivers as well as passengers, I encourage the replacement of three wheelers with electric cars,” he said.

As an initial step, the Government will within the Colombo district, extend its support by introducing a loan scheme to purchase 1,000 such electric cars, through banks, where the Government will bear 50 percent of the interest cost.

Karunanayake, during the 2017 budget speech, proposed that Rs. 200 million be allocated for this purpose. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Sir,
    This project is facilitate to few people s among the 1.3 millions of owners or users. Another time gap will be there for remains. How ever can we bare huge amount of capital for this project as a under developing country. Second point is,will be it safe way for passengers as well as road safety and hire charges. However I would like to support to make our country from air pollution. Thank you


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