Guidelines to be issued for shelters for abused women

chandrani-bandaraA new set of guidelines are to be issued to shelters for abused women, the Government said today.

In addition to providing legal assistance, counselling and medical services, to women victimized by domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse there is a need to maintain temporary protection shelters.

The first protection shelters by the Government was established in 2012 and subsequently several others have been established at provincial level.

Private shelters are also maintained with the assistance of Government hospitals, police and NGOs.

The guidelines for maintaining such protection shelters were presented by Chandrani Bandara, Minister of Women and Child Affairs, and has been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is important to protect the rights and safety of women in society, for they are our sisters, mothers and aunts. They make society a better place.


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