UK calls for accountability on sexual violence in Sri Lanka

pic-02The British Government today noted the need for Sri Lanka to ensure accountability for allegations of sexual violence.

British Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Baroness Joyce Anelay, speaking at an event at the British High Commission in Colombo today at the conclusion of a visit to Sri Lanka, said that there is much more to do in Sri Lanka, both to end sexual violence and to secure long term peace and stability.

Baroness Anelay also said that a key part of UK’s relationship with Sri Lanka is the support for long term peace and reconciliation.

“Coming to terms with the past and guaranteeing people’s rights for the future are central to achieving this goal,” she said.

Meanwhile, Baroness Anelay had talks with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today.

During the talks with Foreign Minister Samaraweera, he briefed Baroness Analey on the initiatives taken by the unity Government to strengthen democracy, human rights and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Minister Samaraweera and Baroness Analey also discussed the future direction of the Commonwealth.

Baroness Analey stated that she was pleased to see the improvements made with regard to reconciliation in Sri Lanka and hoped that provisions will be set up in the new Constitution to further strengthen the Government’s reconciliation efforts. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These old bags come & go demanding Sri Lanka an accountability. Do these POMS still thinks Sri Lanka as their Colony to give us orders. Why don’t freakn take care of your old backyards for a change.

  2. Sri lankans should be held accountable sexual abuse and violence. Those who write against this are those that condone that sort of behaviour. The women of this country are constantly harrassed and abused even while travelling in a crowded bus or train. Who do they complain to? The authorities always take the side of the perpetrators

  3. Kettle claiming the pot black,
    Well British accountability on unprecedented levels of Buck Breaking in Caribbean is a starter. British apology for the slavery can be a good pillow talk.


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