Sri Lanka tells China ready to discuss any concerns

yi-xianliangThe Government has told China it is prepared to discuss any concerns it has after controversy arose over a statement made by China’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka last week.

The Foreign Ministry said that Foreign Secretary Esala Weerakoon had spoken to the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Yi Xianliang and noted Sri Lanka’s willingness to discuss his concerns.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that the Foreign Secretary had told the Chinese envoy it would be best for any concerns China has to be raised directly with the Foreign Ministry and not the media.

The Foreign Ministry also denied reports that the Ambassador will be summoned by Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera to raise objections to the recent comments made to the media by the Chinese envoy.

Responding to the questions raised by the media last week, Xianliang had insisted that the Chinese Government has no hidden agenda in Sri Lanka.

He also insisted that the Chinese companies involved in several projects in Sri Lanka had not offered bribes for any projects.

Xianliang warned that Sri Lanka faces the risk of losing foreign direct investments if it fails to maintain a consistent policy.

The Ambassador also denied claims that China was giving loans to Sri Lanka at a higher interest rate.
He said he had even discussed those claims with Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, adding that if Sri Lanka was not happy then it did not need to turn to China for money.

“We give loans to developing countries like Sri Lanka at 2 percent interest and not 5 like most other countries,” he said.

The Ambassador also said that several social groups in Sri Lanka have sought financial support from the Chinese Embassy and when money is given it is seen as a bribe by others.

Xianliang asserted China has done nothing wrong in Sri Lanka and he urged Sri Lanka to respect the friendship shown by China towards the island. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The United Kingdom High Commissioner was declared a ‘Persona Non Grata’ for misconduct. However much China has helped Sri Lanka (which comes at an enormous cost, whatever some say!) no foreign diplomat has a right to do what this man did. He should have been sent away.

  2. Great China and Sri Lanka have a very long history of friendship and cooperation… This is not about China and Sri Lanka…. This is about the defeated Rajapaksa clan losers poking in every possible corner to hinder the development work of the current government….

    • This is a wrong interpretation by media the case between Democratic Republic of Sri lanka and People’s Republic of China is concern that we want different an approach is urgently addressed by Foreign Minister. .

      The modern diplomacy is new political science has been that developing and enrich since last couples of centuries since Wesphalinag Peace treaty in 1648.

      Dr Kissinger said “accommodation to reality not a unique moral insight.It relied on a system of Independent STATE REFRANING form interference in each other’s DOMESTIC AFFAIRS AND CHECKING EACH OTHER’S AMBITIONS THROUGH A GENERAL EQUILBRIUM OF POWER. ……No single claim to truth or universal rule had prevailed in Europe ‘s contests….. ….Instead ,each state was assigned the attribute of SOVEREIGHNTY POWER OVER ITS TERRITORY….Each would acknowledge the DOMESTIC structures and RELIGIOUS vocations of its fellow states as reality and REFRAIN FROM CHALLENGING THIER EXISTANCE. … .Kissinger

      Ours Ministry of Foreign affairs has to study modern diplomacy is complex one ,but ours issues is that we are working of random approach by Minister of Foreign Managala Samaraweera.. pro- western entity .

      Its damage our principle of Non-aligned international diplomacy ;We have to re-study ongoing foreign policies we were that NOT DEAL WITH NEW Asian Balance Of Power.

      Dr Kissinger said “…..with a balance of power now perceived as natural and desirable, ambitions of RULERS would beset in counterpoise against each other, at least in the Theory CURTAILING THE SCOPE OF CONFLICTS… world order Kissinger page 3.

      We as nation have lost path of handing new Diplomatic of politics by “Good Governance” that Ministers that including Primer himself.
      The lack of political vision and policy-less approach and solution by Ministry of Foreign Affairs has done unpredsedent damages for our unique diplomacy was protected and maintain by previous Govt. irrespective of political ideologies and policies..

      The President of SL that need to address this issue of Foreign Policies and Diplomacy is urgently shifting New set of policies for future nation survival of Island of Sri lanka.

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