Foreign Ministry studying comments by Chinese envoy

yi-xianliangThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs is studying comments made last week by the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang.

The envoy had made comments critical of the Government, including over its progress on some of the development projects.

The Chinese envoy had told a group of journalists at the Chinese Embassy in Colombo that China was not happy with the inconsistent policies of Sri Lanka.

He said that while Governments can change, the policy of a country should not.

The Ambassador did not mince his words when he expressed his disappointment at the progress of the development work taking place in Sri Lanka.

He also hit out at allegations that China gave Sri Lanka loans at higher interest and asked why Sri Lanka always turns to China if the interest is high as claimed by some Ministers.

Foreign Ministry sources said that the Ministry is closely studying the comments made by the Ambassador and will decide on a course of action this week. (Colombo Gazette)


    • The present Govt. Foreign Ministry has to re-study and Policy of Non-aligned and Diplomacy immunity has been violated by Many Big Power that including USA, UK Canada ,Germany ,France ,Australia and Indian Embassies and their Ambassadors & High Commissioners.

      The many occasion these High Diplomat Officials of USA, UK & Indian are that violate Vienna Convention was adopted 1925 by interlude governance of Island

      Many Western Embassies are working out of Vienna Conventions, NOT that accepts norms of International laws that the governing of Diplomacy by has been an openly violated of undermined & bullying our national sovereignty by USA and Indian led Ambassadors.

      They ( Ambassadors ) that undermine Sri Lankan National Sovereignty,and Democracy by misusing power of big stick of that western power of hegemonies .

      Many times that USA, UK and Canada Diplomats are demanding for “War Crime and Human Rights ” for the granting GSP Plus of that Economic stick for Trade and an Investments in reciprocity.

      By and large that many Ambassadors/High Commissioners from USA,UK Canada and Indian are visiting and an encourages Tamil Terrorist Out fit and an Openly deal with Political parties ,their right-wing leaders and funding anarchist out fit and certain NGO’s are against Political Sovereignty of Ours Democracy an Island.

      The Current Foreign Minister has to give clear & correct guide line and reminded that for all Embassies in Colombo NOT that Interfere internal affairs of Sovereignty of Republic of Sri Lanka by USA, UK Canada & Indian Ambassadors and their Diplomat staffs .

      Which is that Chinese Ambassador with press People has no an openly violated Vienne Convention or Diplomat Immunity at all. He (Ambassador of China) expressed views and correct stand of Loans, Aids and Interest Rate of their policies of People’s Republic of China.
      That is duty of China Ambassador. and his responsibility.

      This is Not that an incident of the Interfere internal affairs by PRC Ambassador in Sri Lankan sovereignty at all .All govt. Minsters that including Ministry of Foreign has to realized China is largest Direct Investment of Our Country .
      And China has undertaken Mega Projects which is essentially need for Development and growth of Economic projects were initiated by ours elected Government by People of Sri lanka.

      The govt. of China has lost US $ 147 Millions of Dollars Port City Projects ,who is going bearer the cost by Govt. of Indians or USA ?

      What is our immediate options of Ministry of Finance ?
      Is that Ministry of Finance having any solutions in their policy packages?
      Talk of lost of Port City projects is by China is that wrong ?
      That is Not Diplomat Violations by Ambassador Of China?
      Change of Govt. by people is easy, by ballots but not that change of Projects by Govt. to Govt. is hard ,the change of terms and conditions of Projects is not that possible by overnight .

      The voters of mandate has no understanding of by the People.

      But that accountability of rely of leaders of current UNP “Good Governances”. The leaders of UNP rules are currently in power must that undertake their mistakes .
      Other Country can’t bare the cost of lost of Projects by shifting one rule to other .

      I think Foreign Minister has to take advice from
      Dr Kissinger ” China was a “land of mystery”. Primer Zhou Enlai responded , “You will find it not mysterious. When you have become familiar with it ,it will not seem so mysterious as before”
      The Dr Kissinger further said “The mystery to be overcome is one all people share —how divergent historic experiences and values can shape into a common order.” by World Order -Dr Kissinger

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