Farlin Launches Diaper Range in Sri Lanka

image-1As ever more Sri Lankan mothers choose to use diapers to keep their babies clean, dry and comfortable, Farlin, one of the world’s most trusted brands of baby care products, announced the launch of its disposable diaper range in Sri Lanka.

Farlin has gone to great lengths to ensure that the diapers provide long lasting comfort and protection through every stage of a baby’s development, thereby offering mothers greater peace of mind to mothers.

Farlin’s commitment to providing the gentlest of care for babies without compromising on hygiene and comfort has helped the brand win the trust of mothers in Sri Lanka and around the world. Being present in Sri Lanka for over 35 years, we are delighted to now bring the Farlin Disposable Diaper range too to the country,” said AjanthaWickramaratne, Head of Strategic Business Unit – Farlin at Kiddies & Toys International (KTI) Pvt. Limited.

Farlin has used Japanese San-Dia Super Absorbent Power (SAP) in the diapers to help babies stay dry and healthy for a longer period of time. The diapers also have a layer of American Weyerhaeuser Fluff Pulp that is renowned for its softness, strength, and absorbency. The super soft cloth like bottom sheets and ultra-soft non-woven top sheets make the diaper more breathable, thereby offering greater comfort to babies. They come with built-in wetness indicators that signal when it’s time for a change and side leak guards that prevent any spillage. V-cut sides and stretchy waistbands offer a comfortable fit while the Velcro refastenable system with large grip tabs secure the diaper in place.

Brought to market by Kiddies & Toys International (KTI), the brand’s exclusive authorized distributor products in the country, the diapers will be available at leading pharmacies and baby and childcare stores around the island.

Farlin is a world renowned brand which has exceeded 44 years of trusted service. Farlin products have been developed with research support from its own hospital which specializes in pregnant mothers and new born babies. Currently, Farlin products are available in over 82 countries across the world.

Kiddies & Toys International (KTI) Pvt. Limited is the exclusive agent for Farlin, LEGO, Barbie and Mattel brands in Sri Lanka and features an outstanding range of premium child and mother care products as well as one of the largest selections of branded toys in Sri Lanka.