Environment concerns linked to port city cleared

img_4753Environment concerns linked to the Chinese funded port city project have been cleared.

Members of an Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) appointed by the Coast Conservation Department (CCD) to oversee the environmental compliance of the Colombo port city development project made an inspection tour at the project site.

The EMC team which comprised of representatives from 20 Sri Lankan government agencies including the Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Environment and Navy expressed their satisfaction of the project’s compliance.

They concluded that the reclamation and construction work for the project is being carried out according to conditions outlined in a development permit issued by the CCD.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang had yesterday dismissed fresh concerns raised on the impact to the environment as a result of the project.

Yi Xianliang said the Chinese company suffered a total of approximately USD 140 million from the time the project was suspended by the new Government and till it resumed. (Colombo Gazette)


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