TISL calls for timely AG action on COPE report

srilanka_parliament-8Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) is encouraged by the Committee on Public Enterprise (COPE) issuing a unanimous report on the Central Bank bond controversy, following days of conflicting and contradictory statements. The report has now been forwarded to the Attorney General for his opinion.

TISL calls on the Attorney General to ensure that his opinion and any related decisions are taken in light of the need to ensure justice and fairness, with the need for timely due process. TISL notes with concern past criticisms leveled against the Attorney General’s department in their untimely handling of cases, supporting the adage that justice delayed is justice denied.

In providing his opinion, TISL urges the Attorney General to ensure that his actions are commensurate to the high level of integrity and public trust placed in the Attorney General’s department.

In light of the allegations made in the COPE report connecting the former Governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran and Perpetual Treasuries, a primary dealer connected with his son-in-law Arjun Aloysius, TISL calls on the Government to recognise and support the need for greater public awareness around the issue of conflict of interest and connected parties.

Furthermore, TISL recommends that the Government strengthens its processes to prevent alleged abuses of conflict of interest reoccurring. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The TISL was maintain that policy of silent of CB Bond scam that such crucial issues country concern ,their views were NOT known to the public until now.

    An authority of CB Bond scandal Key culprit was Premier of Island ,who run day to day administration since 2015 January 9th .

    He is/was chief Executive Officer elected by People of voters. Who run managing Fiscal, Financial and Monterrey policies of behalf of Nation Economy growth or declined mainly decision in his hand.

    That is why Primer holding & maintain key Ministries come under him. Well, that Premier accountability no way of escaping point during his managing and administration of 22 Millions of all Sri Lankans of last 22 moths .

    This pattern of ours governances of democratic system of apply which country like us different from one Party rule governances of rule by Saudi Arabia of Feudal Monarchy.

    The power of People’s sovereignty hold by Primer who discharge his duties and responsibilities the vested interest of Nation priorities .
    Such person must be FREE of CORRUPUATION and clean hands in power, when he used decision that must be FIRST VESTED INTEREST of the PEOPLE of Our country.

    That is duty have been deliberately and intentionally keep beside by Primer of Sri Lanka has neglected duty delegated to Ranil W… of Prime-Minster of Sri lanka betray people confidential and their credential by involved CB Bond Scam .

    He become first person to responsibility of loss billions of Rupees to Treasury of that Govt .of Sri lanka, that money is belongs People of Island.

    No need further legal calcification from Department of Attorney General on the Primer engagement and his involvement of Bond scam is CLAER IN ALL ASPECTS AND RESPECTS are concern.

    The TISL is working on different political agenda not that vested Interest of Public money that belongs to People of our nation!

    The Currently we have reached to turning point of punishment of culprits that Primer has to resign soon ,give way to Independent Judiciary action to be implement by Court of Justice by hand of Judges .

    Needless to say come under to the Rule of law to safeguard Good Governances of Nation local and Internationally that reputation of values of principles of democratic governances of Sri lanka..

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