China hits out at allegations raised in Sri Lanka

w020150313689419983095The Chinese Government today hit out at several allegations raised over its role in Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang insisted that the Chinese Government has no hidden agenda in Sri Lanka.

He also insisted that the Chinese companies involved in several projects in Sri Lanka had not offered bribes for any projects.

The Ambassador was speaking to a group of journalists and Editors at the Chinese Embassy in Colombo today.

He said that the Sri Lankan public and the media have the wrong image about China and its role in Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador said that China came forward to assist Sri Lanka in its development drive and during natural disasters.

Xianliang said that China does not get involved with the internal politics of any country and will work with the Government in power.

As part of this policy, he said China is now working with Sri Lanka to strengthen its economy and to develop the country.

He also said any country can work with the Chinese company involved in the port city project and he dismissed fresh concerns raised on the impact to the environment as a result of the project.

The Ambassador said the Chinese company suffered a total of approximately USD 140 million from the time the project was suspended by the new Government and till it resumed.

The new Government suspended the port city project after it took office in January last year saying it had concerns over the deal the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government signed with China.

“We should not politicize economic cooperation,” the Chinese Ambassador said.

He also said that Sri Lanka should have a consistent policy and not change its policy every time a new Government takes office.

Xianliang warned that Sri Lanka faces the risk of losing foreign direct investments if it fails to maintain a consistent policy.

The Ambassador also denied claims that China was giving loans to Sri Lanka at a higher interest rate.

He said he had even discussed the claims with Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, adding that if Sri Lanka was not happy then it did not need to turn to China for money.

“We give loans to developing countries like Sri Lanka at 2 percent interest and not 5 like most other countries,” he said.

The Ambassador also said that several social groups in Sri Lanka have sought financial support from the Chinese Embassy and when money is given it is seen as a bribe by others.

Xianliang asserted China has done nothing wrong in Sri Lanka and he urged Sri Lanka to respect the friendship shown by China towards the island. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. PRC is great Friend of People of Sri Lankan. its came into being 1949 October 1st under the leadership of CPC by MAO Zedong.

    That is well known historical fact to all over the world .
    We majority people of Sri Lankan with People of China since they came Trade Agreement of Rubber-Rice pact 1952.

    The New China has change into Second world largest Economy and China become largest world investment after USA .
    China Foreign reserved come to US $ 3.4 trillions and oversees investments are billion of Dollars being accounted .

    Most of South Asian nation that US $ 111 Billion dollars have been invested by China that including India ,Pakistan ,Bangladeshi, Nepal, Bhutan Afghanistan ,Mala Islands and Sri since 2010.

    China become sources of investment of large projects Roads, Railway, Ports Airports and other infarstutra of South Asian countries. Sri lanak become one of them.

    Therefor the so-called allegations against PRC is groundless is by and large fabricated by vested interest of foreign powers.

    The of handful of ruling party alliances of UNP, JVP and TNA, while some of the NGO Environments are against Chinese an Investors in our Island by the vested interest for Foreign Capital of West and Indian monopolised Companies,

    We want development for capital as long as China help us we are welcome. Ours development depend of capital investment by oversees technological know-how and its capital. we cannot obtain sustsnibility of development without large capital investment.

    That is crux of matter is ,what ever govt .elected by voters has to decided by people, but we want Chinese Capital for Ours Nation Economic development.

    There is no internal interference of ours political system of democratic governance by PRC up to now . The change of decided by Voters of country citizens but not by PRC.

    We seek the national sovereignty of political and Economic is ours priority.

    We have learn lesson from that PRC that they respect our vision of independence of ours system of democracy not in words but in deeds.

    • without our export to usa&eu china will not see you ideology god.
      without china exporting to america china may still be in the yanke city yan singing the blues like Mao and 2 eggs per week per family.
      All hail WTO.
      short term Chinese loans with high interest- like a pawn broker?
      China reclaimed the $140 million by renegotiating an area extension of lease.
      Fall in Love and you are the loser.- western ways are changing. No resources to be a Burma or a submarine hub.

      • The cost of prodiction EU, USA and Japan labour and wages are high ,that is why Chinese products has been import low wages on that low cost from China. That is new world trade .
        I agreed interdepended of Global Trade is New Phenomena since late 1990s.towards .
        It is not that interest of China only that is that vested interest of USA, UK ,EU and Japanese Companies and maintain their monopoly capital higher level of super profits.
        Being exploited their own people buying low and selling higher price the policy of MNC of Monopolies Companies of US, EU & Japanese companies that is principle governance of trade by MNC.

        In any case of If any anomalies in unfavourable Trade between all these nation that they can lodge complaint to WTO .

        The world Trade has been shifted New Era the fact remain that you have to learn by studying yourself.
        No body can blame to others.
        An Interpedently is the world economy,trade and investment that Western think tank that call New Globalization.

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