Joint opposition files complaint against PM and Mahendran

Arjuna MahendranThe joint opposition today filed a complaint at the Bribery Commission against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran over the Central Bank bond scam.

The joint opposition claims the Prime Minister was linked to the bond scam and so he must be investigated together with Mahendran.

A separate complaint had already been filed earlier against Mahendran over the scam. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Ranil has a history of betrayals by close confidants . This is another such betrayal. Ranil has still to learn about people who are closer to him. The way Ranil defended Mahendran is going to cost him.

  2. The complain against Primer of Govt. ruling party leader Ranil W… has to face criminal offence of that Bond Scam of CB by misapportaioons of the country treasury and destroy nation interest rate .

    No Democracy system of governances can do business with the People Money by head of Govt. who is in-charge day today running administration of country.
    The UNP-Liberalism of so-called that “Good Governances” is undermined principle of elected governances in Democratic world order. We have be with democratic world what ever the reasons ,we are for survival of values of democracy system prevailing since 1948.
    The National treasury of govt.Sri lanka ‘s which Money and Funds is Not that private property of any elected members of Govt. by using earning public funds for their personal gain and lucrative business to get 500% profit Bond Scam by Ex-Governor and Primer Minister .

    This is outright criminal Offence urgently want be address by Attorney General Department and Public Precaution by that earliest possible date.
    The Relevant persons must assert by court of law in immediate effect ,its does matter his position is irreverent at all.
    The law shall enforcement act on the by rule of law for every body the equality before the law.

    Primer and ex-CB governor must go before court and their should not give bailout what ever the reasons, crime is capital involvement of by the tax payers money.

    We have not soft corner for any one ,or we havewith line of politics ,is National Issue ,that we have for defend of system of Democracy governance to be upheld ,what ever cost of nation has to sacrifice to gain New democracy with clean environment of New Changes to remain in our land.

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