‘VU’- Colombo’s first rooftop resto-bar at Best Western

vu-resto-bar-2With ‘VU’, Best Western Elyon brings Sri Lanka’s first resto-bar themed rooftop lounge to Colombo. Expertly mixed drinks, a delicious all new menu, great music and an elegant hideout in the city all come together to make VU the hottest new ticket in town, and it’s open throughout the week from 3pm to midnight.

Best Western Elyon Colombo is part of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, one of the world’s largest hospitality chains with over 4100 hotels in 100 countries. Located on Baseline Road in Kirulapone, Elyon is a stone’s throw from the city centre and just far enough from its madness to offer a place to unwind and relax. Its rooftop offers a spectacular view of the city; on one side the rapidly changing landscape and twinkling lights of Colombo and on the other, a quiet suburban neighbourhood.

Derived from déjà vu, VU resto-bar, aims to give its patrons that sense of comfortable familiarity. Inspired by the Japanese word ‘Ukiyo’ which means ‘floating world’ VU lets you disconnect from mundane life. Float above the chaos of the city as you sip your exotic drink indoors or out; catching the cool breeze as it drifts through the open design of this casual lounge.

At the bar, the drinks menu features a curated blend of classics including 16 varieties of arrack based cocktails, a select wine list, special blends, beer cocktails as well as grogs and punches. Some of the exciting beverage concoctions include a chilli cocktail, chocolate margarita, Jello drops, power juices and all natural non-alcoholic boosters.

Beside the beverages, a show kitchen will create dishes to order off the eclectic menu. The menu includes everything from starters, such as nachos and salads, to chicken yakitori, special burgers, fish kebabs and an extensive selection of meat dishes as well as arguably Colombo’s biggest spare ribs. Chase that up with a smoky sizzling brownie, mixed berry apple pie or even a Kahlua infused coffee pudding. Diners can play around with the menu selections to customize their orders. True to its resto-bar heritage; VU offers a pairing of each food item with a suggested wine or cocktail to complete the dining experience

For entertainment, VU offers one of the best playlists in town and live music four nights a week. Be it reggae on Sunday, soul on Friday or slow rock on Thursday, these performers – Thanuja, Adam and the Eves, and Keith Gibson will provide an excellent soundtrack to your conversation.

VU is the perfect meeting spot for those who don’t want to wander too far from the city and those who don’t want to get too close, especially on a busy weekday, says Roshan Adhihetty General Manager of Best Western Elyon Colombo. “We have created the perfect set up with soulful music, delectable food and an expansive menu of beverages to help our guests wind down after a busy day; just the perfect for the kind of ambience to watch the world around”

VU is open throughout the week from 3pm to midnight, on the rooftop of Best Western Elyon at 102A, Kirulapone Avenue, Baseline Road, Colombo 5.

The Dishes served at the VU Resto-Bar Launch.

To Start

  • Caesar Salad with Chicken / Tofu
  • Tuna Pasta Salad
  • Arabic Fattoush
  • Beef Salad
  • Griddled Vegetable Salad

To Warm Up

  • Garlic Bread /Cheese bread
  • Fish Fingers
  • Chicken Yakitori
  • Hot Buttered Calamari / Cauliflower
  • Big Western Club Sandwich
  • Cheese Toast
  • French Baguette Pizza – Margarita
  • Cajun Avocado melt
  • Jumbo Dogs
  • Kati Kebab
  • Asian Fish & Pineapple Kebab

To Hang On

  • Jumbo Prawns
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Chicken Bockwurst
  • Jumbo Rib Lovers
  • Big Steak Corden Bleu
  • Vegetable Ravioli

To Finish

  • Mixed Berry Apple Pie
  • VU Velvet
  • Smoky Sizzling Brownie