Mahinda asserts Mahendran must face legal action

150819160321-sri-lanka-mahinda-rajapaksa-august-2015-exlarge-169Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today asserted that former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran must face legal action over the bond scam.

Rajapaksa told reporters today that while action must be taken against the business establishment involved in the scam, the Government must ensure Arjuna Mahendran is taken before court.

The former President said that there was an attempt to bury the whole controversy.

The Committee On Public Enterprises (COPE) is expected to submit its report on the Central Bank bond scam tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a joke one of the most transparently corrupt leader of Sri Lankan recent history Percy Mahendra is calling for justice by calling out the equally corrupt MS & RW regime.
    What happen to “Honor among thieves”?
    More Like pot is calling the kettle you are blacker than me.

    • Are u an idiot? cant u critically think? or ur just a terrorist sympathizer? He gave that money to ltte than he screw them over. It was a brilliant tactic. U think ranil would ever defeat the ltte or even thought of a plan like that? He already had two failed term, this will be his third. Regardless, he wasn’t even going to win, thats why he used serisena and the traitor fonseka. That million was a good investment, just look at the island, everything is better.

  2. Govt.of under the current UNP -Regime must bring that ex-CB Governor before the court of Law.

    That is essential factor of public voice is concern and CB governor crime is visible ,that even Primer’s involvement also very clear and his interfere of Bond Scandal is dirty part of role played by as leader of UNP?

    Well known the People mandate given and promised by MS, UNP-Ranil w@@@ and CBK that for “Good Governance and Rule of Law” is cemented by mandate of the 2015 January 9th.
    We want address great political crime since after 1948 by ruling mis-governed by UNP Old+ New leadership as soon as possible.

    We are by mishaps given mandate to the New UNP leader Mathripala Sirisena and CBK of Federalist of SLFP’s has broken the promised within 22 months.

    The crime committed by ex-CB governor is serious offence need to be address by Law of Land.

    I quite agreed with President Mahinda .R… voice is the voice of People.

    • Nothing can be done. Mehdran is a Singaporean citizen. His son also served for Singapore military. Gonvt wont do much to Ranil, because hes an asset for the EU and UN.

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