VAT Bill passed by Parliament with a majority

srilanka_parliament-8The Value Added Tax (VAT) Amendment Bill was passed by Parliament today.

The Bill was passed with 76 Parliamentarians voting for the Bill and 23 against it during the third reading in Parliament today.


  1. Less Tax for Foreign and Big companies and Rest of balance of 99% general Public of poor citizens ,is this you have promised 2015 January 9th and 2015 August 17 before Election by current ruling UNP parties?

    See the hard ship People have suffering last 22 Months that has brought forward by UNP leadership of Ranil w. line of thinking of that politics ,I called at Christian democracies ‘that the real UNP political colour and their Democracy!

    What a “good governance” promised by that UNP-Ranil.w@@@@@ 2015 August .Tax is life line economy as well as Survival of Citizens of our People.
    That is criteria’s of which that barometer decided & whom UNP look at people vital issues and their up bring life style of masses of People of 99%.

    After being power of UNP -Ranil W…that seized state power by UNP leadership lost well being of people of Sri Lankan.

    That is call Neo-liberalism and guided by USA Neo-con Economy advocated by interest of Western decaling interest in Globally.

    We are far from prosperity and development under UNP regime of that overall life of the 99% of people of Sri lankas are suffering .and rapidly declined .society .

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