US offers Sri Lanka funding to strengthen civil society

state-dept1-295x300The US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) announced an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that support strengthening civil society in Sri Lanka.

DRL is seeking proposals for programs that strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to influence and monitor the role of the government at all levels in areas that support good governance and protect fundamental freedoms while emphasizing inclusivity and non-violence.

“Proposals should seek to improve civil society’s ability to mobilize and lead advocacy and/or monitoring initiatives that advance their communities in the areas of good governance and human rights, including but not limited to anti-corruption and protection of individual freedoms and rights. Project activities could include facilitation of coalition-building and coordination among similar civil society organizations and development of public-awareness and advocacy campaigns that can be implemented via multiple media and social platforms. Competitive proposals will illustrate a thorough understanding of the political situation on the ground; provide a justification for the selected geographic areas, ensure diversity among participant groups; illustrate an understanding of the capacity of groups to influence change; build on prior efforts in this space; and be technologically innovative,” DRL said.

The US Department of State says the projects should have the potential to have an immediate impact leading to long-term sustainable reforms, and should have potential for sustainability beyond DRL resources. DRL’s preference is to not duplicate past efforts, but instead support new and creative approaches. This does not exclude from consideration projects that improve upon or expand existing successful projects in a new and complementary way. DRL also strives to ensure its projects advance the rights and uphold the dignity of the most vulnerable or at-risk populations.

DRL anticipates having approximately $500,000 available to support approximately one successful application submitted in response to this NOFO, subject to the availability of funding.

DRL anticipates awarding either a grant or cooperative agreement depending on the needs and risk factors of the program. The final determination on mechanism will be made by the Grants Officer. If a cooperative agreement is awarded, DRL expects to be substantially involved during its implementation.

DRL welcomes applications from U.S.-based and foreign-based non-profit organizations/nongovernment organizations (NGO) and public international organizations; private, public, or state institutions of higher education; and for-profit organizations or businesses. DRL’s preference is to work with non-profit entities; however, there may be some occasions when a for-profit entity is best suited. (Colombo Gazette)


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