Top Sri Lankan rock bands at Maelstrom 2016

copy-of-maelstrom-100Redefining the ethos of rock and metal music, AWN network will host its most prestigious international event ‘MAELSTROM 2016’ on the 5th November 2016.

The event is to be held at the Shalika Hall, Colombo from 3.00pm to 11.30pm featuring 3 international bands and 3 local bands.

Performing for the first time in Asia, an epic melodic death metal band- ‘Darkest Horizon’ from Germany, ‘Coat of Arms’ from Dubai, with an encore performance at Maelstrom and also featuring ‘Rudra’ from Singapore, the pioneers of vedic metal will grace the stage of Maelstrom 2016.

Moreover three local talents, one of the famed veterans of rock music in Sri Lanka ‘Whirlwind’, the upcoming talent with great potential- ‘Abyss’ and the fresh collaboration of dynamic artists- ‘Neurocracy’ are to perform at Maelstrom 2016.

AWN Network is the brainchild of two ardent followers of rock music Keshan Wijesekara & Kamal Lazar and ‘Maelstrom’ is the fruitful result of their dedicated efforts.
It is currently raved as the biggest international rock music concert ever to be held in Sri Lanka.

With their vision of escapading beyond norms to amalgamate international and local talents to deliver the universal language of music on one stage, ‘Maelstrom’ has been triumphant in creating a platform for artists to grow in leaps and bounds.

Maelstrom 2016 will essentially be a follow up of their huge success at Maelstrom 2015 hat redefined the standards of music concerts and revolutionized the rock and metal music industry of Sri Lanka which featured 5 international bands from Denmark, Dubai, Sweden, India and Venezuela and 4 local bands.

Maelstrom 2016 holds great expectations to write yet another chapter of a successful international rock and metal gig.