North shuts down in protest over killing of youth

1477367975_download-1A hartal was staged in the North today against the killing of two students in Jaffna last week.

Tamil National Alliance, Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Sivajilingham said that several Tamil political parties in the North supported the hartal.

He said there is a concern that state sponsored terrorism was behind the killing of the two Jaffna university students.

University students in Jaffna and other parts of the country also staged a protest yesterday against the killing.

President Maithripala Sirisena last week called for an impartial investigation into the death of the two youth.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is investigating the deaths of the two Jaffna University students.

The two youth were shot dead by the Police after they reportedly failed to stop when ordered to do so by the Police in Kankasanturai last week.

Five Police officers were arrested over the incident and were immediately interdicted and were remanded by court.

The Government said necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the law is fully implemented in this regard. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Is Tamil political class that inside and outside the
    Sri lanka is working towards encouraging the New set of Terrorism, that they want to de-stability of whole South Asian region.?

    Is Govt. of Indian want do same? Is that USA and UK is behind that?

    What ever the Roots of Terrorism that Tamil or Others will destroy Democracy and Development , that will apply to Sri Lankan soil too.

    Having lessons War of Tamil Terrorism in an Island that their are road map is which want to be Separatism and partition of Island for Tamil Eealm.

    Build Rough Tamil State of the puppet regime of blessing from foreign powers of western interest.

    Behind violence in North-Jaffna is nothing, else more than so-called “Reconciliation “they want War footing politics of GUN RULE democracy! By dominated myth of Tamil ruling class North of Island.

  2. We cannot allow that Tamil Terrorism regain their ugly head by betray majority Tamils are presently enjoy democracy after end of 30 years war..

    The Terrorism and Democracy are two dramatically opposite political phenomenon,

    First represent against people of majority rights of all nationalities .-Terrorism !

    Second is mainly working for People’s Democracy.

    We have to have overall norms of Democracy.

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