Hartal to be staged in North against killing of two students

Sivajilingam-01A hartal is to be staged in the North on Tuesday against the killing of two students in Jaffna last week.

Tamil National Alliance, Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Sivajilingham said that several Tamil political parties in the North will take part in the protest.

He said there is a concern that state sponsored terrorism was behind the killing of the two Jaffna university students.

Sivajilingham said that university students in other parts of the country are also expected to protest this week against the killing.

He said Tamil youth in the North will support the protests and demand action against those involved in killing the two students. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Typical Tamil short sighted politicians playing the communal card of this horrible incident. This incident is not common to the north but every part of the nation. Remember embilipitiya incident just last year.The fact is due to Bad policing in sri lanka. Instead the politicians should ask for new training and standards of policing of sri lankan which will benefit us all. But hey The communal flag is more better.

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