Asanthi has finally found true love

image5-1-406x1024Actress and model Asanthi Ranasighe has captured the hearts of audiences over the years for her good looks.

But today Asanthi Ranasighe says she has captured the heart of one man, a man she hopes to marry soon.

“My love is very special and it took me some years to say yes to him. Honestly I always had respect towards him and I always liked him the way he inspires society. I think he is one in a million type of lover who keeps me smiling always. Not only me, he is very popular in society and among his friends.  He never forced me to cry during this relationship and most importantly he respects my whole family and he has become a strong family member” she says.

She says her husband to be inspires her the way he dresses himself, how he carries himself in society and more importantly he is family oriented and fun, loving, caring and understanding as a person.

Asanthi Ranasighe says her wedding will be a very simple gathering with family and close friends.

After marriage however she feels her biggest challenge will be cooking.

“He is a big foodie. I think I have to put some extra skills and do some great cooking to impress him. Other than that I don’t think there will be anything hard for me to do,” she says.

Ranasighe says she hopes to continue as an actress for which she has been working for around 18 years. “I do only characters I choose according to my satisfaction. I do leading roles in Tele-dramas and currently I am not acting in any films, though I started my carrier as a film actress,” she adds.

Asanthi Ranasighe also says she has three business ventures to operate and she is also preparing to release her new book soon.

“The book is all about health and beauty and I hope it will be useful to the ones who want to maintain their beauty and youth. I am also planning to distribute it among beauty parlors in the country. After marriage I can continue to act. But one thing that I will have to give up is watching movies .I used to watch about two to three movies a day and I will have to stop that because he is always watching documentaries and I will have to do the same,” the model said.

“My future plans are very simple. Continue to be his beloved wife and take a good care of my family and set an example to society. Bring up our children in a respectable manner and help those choosing correct paths in their life. Most importantly I want to continue my social work and contribute in improving our society and helping children in need.”

Report by Ashanthi Warunasuriya


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