“My Friend” organizes Children’s Day event


Aligned with its commitment to uplift and empower underprivileged children, the ‘My Friend – “Inspiring Hope” Foundation organized an exclusive event to mark Children’s Day on 10th October.

The event witnessed the participation of 725 students from 30 under-privileged schools from within the city Colombo limits. The students ranged from across Grades 9,10 & 11. The planned activities consisted of inspirational and fun sessions which imparted useful knowledge and information to the participating students. “My Friend” – “Inspiring Hope” is co-founded by Fouzul Hameed and Angelo Mathews who also functions as Brand Ambassador for the foundation. It is aimed at uplifting, educating and empowering underprivileged children, so that they too realize their full potential.

The event organized by “My Friend” spanned half-a-day, commencing at 9 am. Career guidance and motivational speeches were delivered at the event by renowned personalities such as Sathischandra Edirisinghe, Manisha Gunawardene, Santhush Weeraman, and Angelo Mathews. These are positive role models for youth, whose words of advice will have a lasting impact on the students. The speeches were aimed at empowering the students and to show them that despite any odds they may face, there is always a way forward by using their determination and creativity. Mr. Channa Ranasinghe Legal Advisor for ‘My Friend’ also graced the occasion. The closing session witnessed the “My Friend” team handing out school shoes and certificates to all participating students.

Co-founder and Brand Ambassador of “My Friend”, Angelo Mathews, said, “We are happy to guide these students. We want to make full use of our ability to help them so that they become responsible and successful citizens in the future. I always like to emphasize to them that it doesn’t matter where they come from, all of them have the right to learn and by doing so they can reach their dreams.”

Hameedia encourages employee volunteerism and its staff had organized the event, paying close attention to everything from production to coordination which made the event a success. Hameedia has supported the “My Friend” foundation with the untiring support and involvement of Mr Fouzul Hameed.

Co-founder of My Friend and Managing Director of Hameedia, Fouzul Hameed, exhorted the students with this message, “We are here to help you and guide you. What you do today – can improve all your tomorrows, Let us stand together for a better future!”

Since its inception in 2013, “My friend” has funded almost 1000 students, helping them overcome financial obstacles to pursue their schooling. “My friend” foundation has always been on the forefront of expanding its reach to less fortunate children, and will continuously do so in the future.