Crescent Global safeguards you, and so does CIMA

hon-malik-sAccounting is the soul of business, and finance, business and entrepreneurship, is the fulcrum around which modern life turns.

When the primary global body that produces the Management Accountants of today meets, it is business-brainstorming at its best. It’s called the CIMA Business Leaders Summit.

Crescent Global South Asia, the Lloyd’s brokers and international Insurance brokering specialists, think that it is the apex of business and entrepreneurship when the CIMA Fellows and Members meet to forge cutting-edge strategies, and more. It’s why, simply put, they are a co-sponsor of the event.

Indrajith Fernando, the Director of Crescent Global South Asia –a member of the Crescent Global network, with a Lloyd’s broker based in the City of London — says CIMA Business Leader events have seen the most illustrious, useful and entertaining participants from when these events began, and had a Nobel prize winner, and others of stellar repute such as investment czars, gracing these annual strategizing occasions. Crescent Global is the best in the business of reinsurance and insurance strategizing, and they understand the process.

CIMA’s annual flagship event, The Business Leaders’ Summit, this year ran on the theme ‘Joining the dots – The right decision for strategic success” at the Cinnamon Grand, on the 23 and 24 August.

The summit was inaugurated on 23 August 2016, followed by cocktails, with 600 invitees in attendance. The Thought Leadership session commenced on the 24th where international speakers and Noel Tagoe, Executive Director, CIMA, spoke on Integrated thinking: a new lens for thinking about your business. Prof Chouhan from the Integrated Reporting Council, among others,  and Lucy Tan, Group Chief Financial Officer, Dialog Axiata spoke, on ‘What keeps CEOs up at night.’

‘From Imran Khan to Mahathir  Mohamed to John Hume the Nobel prize winner, they have all been there, and spoken at previous CIMA leader summits. There are the thought leaders, and among those that have spoken before and who spoke this time, are the definitive  movers and shakers of the business world,’ said Mr. Manjula de Silva, Chairman, CIMA Sri Lanka.

At the parley held in August, Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade and a member of CIMA, Malik Samarawickrama, delivering his keynote address as the Chief Guest at the inauguration of the CIMA Business Leaders’ Summit, stressed that the Fourth Industrial Revolution would see rapid technological change and job destruction, making it necessary for Sri Lanka to question the way its businesses are operated.

CIMA in Sri Lanka and worldwide, has some signal achievements to speak of.  Crescent Global South Asia recognizes, salutes and celebrates these achievements. It is an international insurance and reinsurance broking company that has been fed and nurtured at top management level by CIMA qualified management executives.

Therefore, they should know.It’s why they enabled CIMA as a sponsor, no less.

Malik Samarawickrme said, ‘an added responsibility is placed on businesses to look for ways and means of addressing increasing inequality through innovative interventions, including PPPs, which generate decent jobs, and build the human resource base to fill them.’

The Director Crescent Global Mr. Indrajith Fernando says that his organization is up to the task of meeting these innovation goals, and so is CIMA.

He says, ‘Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualified folk work and breathe business, and it has been a tradition going back to 1918 in this country. At Crescent Global, we know that accountants, and especially CIMA members, insure all of us and the country, against business related atrophy, and downward spirals.  As Insurance people we know the value of being safeguarded. We are the number one in arranging for insurance safeguards in this country. You could almost say, that one great insurance person recognizes another because CIMA accountants insure us against business malaise, resulting economic chaos, and ultimately the resulting disruption in peoples’ lives. We specialize in arresting such situations and so does CIMA, which is why we would always sponsor them enthusiastically in their efforts.’