All new Comedy Sunday on last Sunday of every month

zumruthTranquil Events, the only event and talent management company in Sri Lanka to host Local Stand-up comedy events, is partnering with The Sandwich Factory to host a newer bigger Comedy Sunday event, scheduled for the last Sunday of every month with the first event scheduled for 30th October.

The Comedy Sunday brand created by Tranquil has grown from strength to strength and as the demand and popularity for local stand up has grown so has the need for larger spaces to host the event. With its American theme and extended garden space The Sandwich Factory was a great fit to launch a new iteration of the event.

Tranquil will have their signature talents performing at the event.

Garwin Murray

Garwin has been our regular performer at the Comedy Sunday’s platform and we would do injustice by just saying he is super funny. His take on Steve Irwin, Sri Lankan super hero and airport travels will make you choke with laughter.

Garwin got into comedy because he always had a funny bone in him and he always thought stand-up comedy is one of the hardest trades and he took it as a challenge. “Comedy challenges your creative side, I love making people laugh and I enjoy the stage. It makes me happy.”

Farill Farook

A successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a performer on our platform Farill is sure to make you laugh while giving you something to ponder. He is a story teller who narrates his life experience in taking the first step.


Also a regular at Comedy Sundays Saddique’s jokes are sophisticated while his experiences on YouTube will definitely make you think before you laugh. Pay careful attention to this guy he might blow your mind.


Sacha has been in Stand Up comedy from the very beginning of the movement. He is the only comedian that we know who does not prepare. His content is made up in that instant and just like that it makes people laugh.

“Most of the team enjoyed their own golden moments but we thought Sacha was the funniest. They left him for last and he wrapped the show up nicely. We gave him comedic brownie points for confidence (he seemed to adore being up on stage and entertaining us), for the neat trick he does with accents, and mostly for the ad lib. We don’t know whether it’s because of practice or just talent, but it works.” –states a  Review from Yamu


Zumruth is our up and coming lady comedian. She has tried our platform twice and likes the concept so she wants to do more of stand-up comedy. We believe that she has the potential to become a super star with the right guidance.

Don’t miss out on this action packed evening of comedy. The show starts at 4.00 p.m. on the 30th of October at The Sandwich Factory, Cover Charge Rs. 1,000/- redeemable on the day.

Call 0771 299 002 to reserve your seats.

Event Partners PR Wire and Pulse, AV Partner Dynamic AV, Beans bags from Good Food & Great Laughs – Guaranteed.