Actress Kaveesha Ayeshani killed in road accident

kaveesha-ayeshani-birthday-celebration-9Actress Kaveesha Ayeshani was killed in a road accident in Nugegoda this morning.

The police said that the vehicle she was driving had crashed into a bus at Jubilee Post in Nugegoda.

The young actress succumbed to her injuries in hospital. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Deepest sympathies to the family of the rising star and entertainer who celebrated her Birthday in September. In driving you must also use Head Lights on and off to see the path. Some lady drivers have the impression that Head Lights cannot be on. That hampers visibility specially in a small car like March. If the visibility is poor due to rain you must not drive. If one cannot see one must not drive. Night Driving is dangerous, because the Roads are free and drivers test their speeding ability. In Colombo Area I think more accidents occur in nights.

    • The CCTV showed she made a mistake by braking hard on a wet road while going fast causing the car to spin into the bus?
      We have thousands of drivers who should never be allowed on our roads?

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