China, Sri Lanka vow to enhance legislative cooperation

karuChinese top legislator Zhang Dejiang held talks with the Speaker of the Sri Lankan parliament Karu Jayasuriya, calling for enhanced parliamentary cooperation between the two countries, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Zhang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), hailed the profound friendship between China and Sri Lanka, saying the Sri Lankan leaders’ visits to China showed that the new government is committed to developing bilateral ties.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena visited China in March 2015 and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe visited China in April this year.

Speaking highly of the sound relations between the two legislative bodies, Zhang said he hopes the two sides can expand exchanges and cooperation.

He called on both sides to implement the consensus reached by the two countries’ presidents, strengthen political mutual trust and support each other on issues regarding core interests and major concerns.

Both sides need to provide stable legal and policy environment to support economic cooperation and personnel exchanges and help speed up negotiation of the China-Sri Lanka free-trade agreement, Zhang said.

He also encouraged the two countries to exchange governance experience and cooperate at various levels.

Jayasuriya, who is leading a delegation to China from Oct. 10 to 15 at the invitation of Zhang, said it is the common aspiration of all parties in Sri Lanka to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with China.

He said the members of the delegation, consisting of several important leaders of major Sri Lankan political parties, are eager to understand and learn from China through the visit.

The Sri Lankan parliament is ready to further cooperation with China’s NPC, he added.

China’s top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng also met with Jayasuriya on Friday. He said the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference hopes to expand exchanges with Sri Lanka at various levels and share governance experience.

He called for the two countries to step up cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative and promote bilateral ties to a new stage.

Jayasuriya said Sri Lanka treasures its traditional friendship with China and is ready to enhance cooperation with China in various areas. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dividing formula proposal comes on the LTTE powerful dollar donations they have done for those politicians and the parties of so called International Community. Basteds.

  2. Current Ruling parties led by Old leader of UNP Ranil W.. and MS of New UNP leader and CBK of New SLFP Federalist has made grave error of which that block China Investment after the change govt. power after 2015 January 9th.

    This grave Error has to be Re- address and change by current UNP leadership is back to inviting Chinese investment as friendly manner and STOP anti- China Policy by MS and CBK leadership.

    All Sri Lankan knows very well that People of China is friends of all Sri Lankan irrespective of their ethnics conflicts .

    By PRC is not for partition of Sri lanka for Tamil Eealm regime which denied by PRC as well as that divide Island on Ethnic basis.

    We Sri Lankan upheld Unification & Unitary Character of Republic of Sri lanka.
    Hope and wish PRC will standard of ours cause of Unity and Unitary nature of Sri Lankan State,

    We are that all Sri Lankan an opposed that proposed “Federal State” want divided 2600 years of civilization Island by western agenda led by USA, EU and UK countries.

    Ours Friendship with China base on they respect ours 2600 civilization in Island country by survived many colonial foreign occupations and Invasions last couples of centuries from South Indian Dravidians..

    We are an Independent nation & Sovereign country having our own cultural and Language as well as Buddhism’s ours guiding line of the state ruling governances.

    I hope China respect our values of civilization in deeds, that is base of further enrich Friendship between two countries and their People.

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