Sanath says border tension cannot stump cricket

sanath JayasuriyaSri Lankan cricket board’s chief selector and former captain Sanath Jayasuriya on Thursday said cricket must go on despite tension between India and Pakistan. He was in the city on Thursday to inaugurate the sports meet, ‘Virudhaka’, atNational Law Institute University(NLIU).

Visiting state capital for the first time, the former cricketer, in a candid chat with TOI, said he can’t comment on the escalating tension between India and Pakistan, but felt that cricketing ties should continue. “As a cricketer I feel that the cricket must go on. I can’t comment on the issues between the two countries. Cricket is different and politics is different,” he said.

On terrorism, Jayasuriya said, “I am a sportsman and I don’t know what to say on this. However, it should be condemned.” Praising Virat Kohli for his captaincy as well as his performance with the blade, the legend said, “I have seen him playing in series against Sri Lanka. He is an excellent cricketer and his performance has been impressive. Whenever he starts getting runs he makes big scores. We have seen this in recent series where he failed to score in first two Test matches. In the third match, he scored 200 after getting runs on the board.”

Jayasuriya, however, said there can’t be any comparison between Sachin Tendulkar and Kohli. “I have played with Sachin and he was an outstanding cricketer. Kohli is also an excellent cricketer. But, both have their own style and different era. I do not find any reason to compare the two cricketers.”

Jayasuriya does not find any problem in making turning pitches in Indian subcontinent. “It is the nature of soil and climate, which favours turning wickets in this part of the world. Whenever you go other places like Australia or any other country they prepare wickets according to their conditions,” he said. About the tension between BCCI and Lodha Panel, he said, “I can’t comment as it is the internal matter of Indian cricket. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned there were issues, which have been resolved.” (Courtesy Times of India)


  1. Unsurprisingly all 3 countries are at war.
    A ten ton toads only game of sticks and stones that is obsolete like religion and politics but fancied by old croaks plans to toad the nation to Hi5.
    The white elephant airline just for them and government servants to boast about.

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