PM submits legal framework on law replacing PTA to cabinet

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has submitted the policy and legal framework of the new law, which is to replace the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), to the cabinet.

A committee chaired by the Minister of Law and Order and Southern Development had been appointed to draft the new counter terrorism law instead of the existing Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The Government says the new law will provide adequate provisions for prevention of terrorism and affirm Sri Lanka’s commitment on human rights responsibilities.

The cabinet has decided to forward the policy and legal framework drafted by the committee and presented by the Prime Minister to the Sectoral Oversight Committee on National Security for further discussions.

The Prevention of Terrorism Act is to be abolished and it will be replaced by a Counter Terrorism Act.

Trials currently pending under the PTA are to be dealt with in the future under the Counter Terrorism Act. (Colombo Gazette)