IGP gives his private mobile number to the public


Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundara today gave out his private mobile number for the public to call him if the police fail to respond to a serious complaint.

Jayasundara said that the public can contact him on 0718591002 if they feel there is something serious which the police department has failed to address.

“If there is only something urgent and important call me and you will get a response. Not a small matter and not something the police can look into. Call me if the police are corrupt or if the police fail to respond to something very serious,” he said.

Jayasundara said that his personal security officer will answer the telephone call and pass it to him.

The IGP said that the police department will take steps to ensure 70 percent of pending investigations on criminal matters are resolved by the end of this year.

He urged the police department to be considerate towards the concerns raised by the public and address those concerns. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. நன்றி ஐயா,
    நீங்கள் எடுத்துள்ள தீர்மானம் எமது தேசத்தின் நற்பெயரை மேன்மை படுத்தும் காரியம்.
    வாழ்க வளமுடன்
    கடவுள் உங்களை ஆசீர்வதிப்பாராக.


  2. Dear Sir,

    I was driving a foreign couple to Udawalawe where I dropped the clients a and on my 2nd night I list my wallet with my Driver Licence, NIC, ATM card and cash..i stayed a couple of days after return so maybe my documents may be returned, and now have been to RMV who told me they only nred a copy of a statement registered with police but police at Boralasgamuwa want me to go all the way to Udawalawe..I feel this is not reasonable to waste so much time and money..

    One Hour Of A Citizen Lost Is Lost For The Entire Country

    Please encourage officers of Police to be courageous enough to take responsibility and help people after taking Intelligent Precautions, so that the Time of Fellow Citizens Is Not Unnecessarily Wasted

    Thanking You for your dedicated service to people and homeland,
    .David Gehan Defonseka
    NIC 540773149v

  3. Dear sir
    Can a foreign with evidence of being defrauded by a sri Lankan also report directly? There is an alleged involvement of some FCID members

  4. Sir I have passed my critical condition of health situation to Your Personal High Rank Security Officer. I am suffering from badly Asthma & Artherities. I am a Senior Citizen serving 37 years to the govt, service. After my retiring I built up a small house in this area living very calm & quite life. doing buddhist activities. but today I have lost everything. Next door there is a wooden businees comes up and all the dust & Thinner Polish using very heavy equipment doing without any licence all dust and polish smell comes to my house and now I am living in oxygen and Nabulaizering. I am Mentally and Physically both down. I told them nicely so many times but I didn’t get a good response. When I come here there wasn’t any business in that house. This business is doing an unknown person to this area paying some rent to the Owner lady. The Owner of the house Mr Rohan Lakshman Perera is working as a Chef to the Chinese Resturant getting an good come. As a Lord Buddha’s way I told that Lady so many times in a nice way. but no chance. so doctor’s advice and his letter he wanted me to lodge a case to the Police Station Piliyandala. They wanted two parties to come today @ 11.00 a.m.. So OIC of Environment has advised them to stop it with immediate effect because of my bad breathing situation.but now the time is 5.30 p.m. they did not stop it and they said they are not adhere it.Sir I am telling u until this matter is finished pls pls ask them to adhere Police Order becoz I am not sure my breathing situation even tomorrow..My Lungs are so weak. They have told the Police Officers that they are removing this on Monday (13th) I have all the papers given by Doctors. My life is in danger. Even in the morning Police Officer also said that. I do not think my life…….till Monday. They did this business before in Piliyandala Area.Why they can’t go back to the same area and did that without troubling our retirement peace. I am Living Bokundara, Weda Mawatha. Sir, you are having so many human values. Pls think abut my situation and order them immediately to stop it until the matter is finished. I am 100% sure they are not moving on Monday as they promised to the Police Officers. My life is not sure till Monday….! very difficult to breathe.Now more than one month sleepless night. I am Retired Chartered Secretary. Hon. Sir I beg your pardon pls this is my last request pls help me. After my retirement, today I am helpless. Sir May the triple Gems be with u & your family now and always. Budu Saranai………! this page is very good opportunity for a retired peoples like us. Thank u Sir…..

  5. Four Primary court orders have been flouted by Galle Police by making criminal cases civil. I am yet to receive a proper reply from the Police nor the Police commission

  6. I.G.Police has furnished his private telephone number enabling the general public to get at him direct………..

    This itself shows that he is a peoples’friendly officer!!!

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