Hirunika claims Duminda had VIP backing for crime

HirunikaParliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra claims convinced politician Duminda Silva had the support of some top officials when her father was killed.

Speaking at an event to mark the death anniversary of her father Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra today, Hirunika Premachandra said the the Criminal Investigations Department has been asked to investigate those who indirectly assisted the crime.

She said that a doctor who had reportedly given medical treatment to Silva following the incident is also to be investigated.

Hirunika Premachandra said that The Sunday Leader newspaper had reported on the doctor and the medical assistance he gave Silva after the incident and those details will likely be used for the investigation.

Former Parliamentarian Duminda Silva was last month sentenced to death in the Bharatha Lakshman murder case. Silva has filed an appeal against the ruling.

Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra, a former Presidential advisor, and his bodyguards were murdered in October 2011 ahead of elections held at the time.

Duminda Silva was also injured in the incident and he sought treatment but he was later accused of being involved in the killing. (Colombo Gazette)

Report by Indika Sri Aravinda


  1. It’s the case of Godfather (Mario Puzo’s) and extended familial in their usual brawl In an Island now run by Naxalite Warlords.
    *80% villagers and of the 20% just about 5% are from the city for the past 3 generations.
    >90% of the public service is run by Villagers.

    Buruva always says HeeHaw, HeeHaw like the Master Pirate MP-

  2. You managed to come to parliament after selling your fathers dead body.Now what do you want to dig the grave so you can sell again jump the next leap in politics?

  3. Your father and the team also used guns and shot others. Why not investigate that as well? He was not a saint.

  4. Now the chapter is closed and he been given death sentence so why again digging tue old story now just wait and mind ur own business now although you should be happy that the verdict was given so now ur trying to take revenge from others too.

  5. I guess her father was in the opposition at that time what a load of croc…. wasnt he an advisor or something like that of MR….
    Both got into a duel shot each other…ok what if Duminda had died..what would have been her stand that her father murdered duminda !!!

  6. now your father’s case over , justice given. let see whats your case going to be. same justice must be given to you as well.

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