Sri Lanka insists it did not “boycott” SAARC summit

MangalaThe Government today said that at no point did the Sri Lanka boycott the 19th SAARC Summit in Pakistan.

He said the moment one country says that they are unable to attend a SAARC Summit, a summit cannot be held.

Samaraweera said that as a country that is committed to regional cooperation, and as a country that clearly perceives the benefits of regional cooperation for the people of Sri Lanka and the wider South Asian region, Sri Lanka stands ready to participate in the 19th SAARC Summit whenever it is being held.

Sri Lanka also called on South Asia to unite in its resolve to eliminate terrorism in the region.

Samararaweera told parliament that terrorism is an issue that must unite the South Asian region and not divide the region.

“It is a menace that has taken a heavy toll on the economic and social fabric of almost all our countries.  Terrorism poses an existential threat to the civilized world, and it must be defeated. Sri Lanka has always been firm in denouncing terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, irrespective of where it occurs, and Sri Lanka supports decisive action in dealing with terrorism,” he said.

Several countries including Sri Lanka decided not to attend a regional summit in Pakistan next month, known as the SAARC summit, owing to terrorist threats in the area.

“All the leaders of South Asia must unite and take a firm stand and decisive action to eliminate terrorism which stands as an obstacle to the achievement of the goals that we envision for our region. The people of this region of South Asia deserve better living standards, better infrastructure, better education, peace, prosperity, security, and friendship; and we must not fail them,” he said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Since 2015 January 9th current ruling party being to power of politics that UNP-Ranil.. W… foreign policy has shifted Pro-USA and Pro-Indian .
    Result of that we have lost long-standard that Non-aligned independent policies maintain by almost 58 years.

    I feel that Sri lanka has become unfriendly with other countries and nation that including South Asian nations.
    The reason that New Foreign Minister has mess up and all line of foreign policies has deviated from neutral and non-aliened principle.

    Even though last Non-aligned leaders summit meeting was NOT attended by the President of Sri lanka is
    are remarkable absence.
    We as nation fail to address the Third Word nations aspirations . This shows that we have been no longer stand with Non-aliened community..

    We as an Independent and Sovereignty nation must back to the Non-allied position as earliest possible date.

    Our non -participation of SARRC is grave political error in this century; by the wrong policy of current
    pro–Indian & pro-USA follow up by Foreign Minister and Primer ,as well as President and CBK of new federalist of SLFP old leader, an open new spending Isolated with foreign relations with majority of developing countries.
    Ours foreign polices system that was already profoundly failing us..

    The ruling party that UNP politicians of all stripes should take note. And so should the People who vote for them.

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