Promotion of minority rights critical in Sri Lanka says UN

Rita Izsák-Ndiaye, Special Rapporteur on Minority IssuesThe United Nations Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák-Ndiaye, will carry out an official visit to Sri Lanka from 10 to 20 October 2016 to assess the current situation of national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in the country.

“Experience has shown that the recognition and promotion of minority rights are critical, if not requisite, in achieving long-lasting peace and reconciliation, particularly in countries such as Sri Lanka that were once divided by ethnic conflicts,” noted the independent expert tasked by the UN Human Rights Council to monitor, report and advise in the field of minority rights globally.

“Considering the long-standing grievances that were at the roots of the 25-year civil war in Sri Lanka, any efforts towards accountability and reconciliation must include a careful examination of the extent to which the rights of minorities are protected and promoted in the country,” Ms. Izsák-Ndiaye said.

During her ten-day mission, the human rights expert will visit Colombo as well as other locations in the Northern, North Central, Eastern and Central Provinces to meet with minority communities to hear directly from them about their issues and concerns. The Special Rapporteur will also meet with a wide range of other stakeholders, including State authorities, the National Human Rights Commission and civil society actors.

Ms Izsák-Ndiaye, who visits Sri Lanka at the invitation of the Government, noted: “While I recognise the important advances made since the new administration was sworn in last year, the Government still faces immense challenges in terms of fostering unity, non-discrimination, peace and understanding among groups in the country.”

“My visit is intended to assist the Government and the Sri Lankan society at large in identifying challenges and solutions, as well as sharing experiences at this critical time for Sri Lanka,” she added.

The Special Rapporteur will present her preliminary findings and recommendations at a press conference to be held on Thursday 20 October 2016, at 2 pm, at the UN Conference Room, United Nations Compound, 202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7. Access to the press conference is strictly limited to journalists.

Ms. Izsák-Ndiaye will present her full report on the mission to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2017. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The minorities are also those who have been marginalised at the lower end of the economy, and a large number are within this group. The two major parties who came into power making many promises to uplift them from the lower end, have lied and even pummeld them when they tried to express their disappointment , many even loosing their lives, been hounded as terrorist and taken in lorry loads for torture and extermination. The plundering of human rights and justice goes on and all these pontificating of the moral high ground is a mockery.

  2. The question is How far do the Minority recognise other Ethnic groups rights? We clearly saw some demonstrations counter to that. Why don’t these people high light these issues as well?

  3. Sri lanak is only country that majority has been attack by minority Tamil Terrorist of LTTE of that gun rule politics of mode of Terrorism; by and large WAR footing politics support and encourage in Tamil Terrorist of LTTE and TNA in Sri lanka by UK, USA and Govt. of Indian-RAW.

    Human Rights has been violated in many occasion by that USA police forces has been shot and killed innocent Black citizens of USA.
    No human right recorded been visible at all!
    No a single UN human rights organization under the invegeastion unstill to now.
    Where is human rights of big nation like USA?

    The wonderful thing happen that President of USA
    is black man ,he has no power stop police killed black men.
    The UN human right has no authority enter in “God Bless Land of USA”? To be search and invegeastion such brute killed of their Black citizens of that “Dream land” has no power of authority that Human Rights of UN agencies?

    What happen that people of Jumna Kashmir has been killed and toucher by Indian Army over 67 years ,no Human Rights has search and Invegeastion by UNO Human right agencies being there?

    Why India is that big country has not come under Human Rights previews of UN agencies.
    The right-of self-determination of People of Jumna Kashmir has been overlook by UNO Secretary General of Ban Ki Moon. Is that Ban Ki Moon is only act on USA direction ?

    Because US now is not that pressing Kashmir Issues that Indian become ally of USA military operation in Indian Ocean. Indeed only Sri lanak has been treat Tamil more than other countries. Tamils want “myth of homeland” for Tamil in Sri lanak has been created by USA UK ,Canada, Australia New-Zealand and Certain EU countries. There is minority Tamils in this Island.
    No human Rights violation in Sri lanka for Tamils majority in South Asian region. Tamil Nadu is homeland for all over the Tamils in India.

  4. Its always the rights of the minorities, ok fine not a problem. But what about the rights of the majority and the First Nations people of Sri Lanka (Vanniyala atto). The latters almost extinct.

    The Sinhalese majority is a threatened majority. Threatened by violent minorities especially the Sri Lankan Tamils who for the last 2300 years have been trying to destroy us. First by attacking our capital Anuradhapura which was attacked by marauding Tamils for about 1300 years and then finally wiping it out in about AD 1000. ie Tamils genocided it.

    Then when the Sinhalese built Polonnaruwa then the Violent invading Tamil minority wiped that out as well.

    Then the violent Christians came (blood thirsty Portuguese Catholics, then the Dutch and then the British. Now all kinds of evangelicals Christians fronted by the LTTe and the USA) All still trying to undermine us and destroy us. And stupid Sinhalese like Ranil, Mangala and CBK are trying to do it as well.

    Wahabi, Salafi muslims are also trying to destroy us and the environment with large families with deliberately high birth rate. That’s a type of discrimination as well. Muslims forget that its the Sinhalese Buddhist kings who gave them refuge in Kandy and the East when the Portuguese were persecuting them (because the muslims had persecuted the Christians in the Iberian peninsular). When the LTTE evicted the Muslims at gun point in Oct 1990 again the Sinhalese Buddhists came to their rescue.

    Anyone can see how well the Muslims and Sri Lankan Tamil do in Sri Lanka. Both make money out of the majority by selling goods and services to them and then try to destroy us now with the help of the International community.

    We the majority Sinhalese feel threatened from every side.

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