Over 200 flights to be cancelled from Jan-April at BIA

srilankan_airOver 200 Srilankan Airlines flights will be cancelled from between January to April next year as a result of the maintenance work to be carried out at the airport.

The Airline said that the cancellation of the flights will result in a USD 47 million loss for the National Airline.

The Airline said that in the Financial Year ending 31st March 2016, the airline recorded a significantly improved performance compared to the previous year.

In a bold and informed step, the Airline, in conjunction with the relevant Government authorities, reversed a A350 aircraft deal which was signed in 2013.

“After careful consideration of a multitude of factors, including current and foreseeable future market conditions, the onset of fierce competition, the inherited adverse financial situation of the company, and the very high lease rentals of the A350 aircraft, it became clear that these aircraft could not be operated economically,” the Airline said.

Although significant one-off costs had to be agreed to in order to terminate the contracts, it was recognized that inducting and operating these aircraft would not augur well for a sustainable bottom line going forward.

“We have a clear blueprint mapping our trajectory to become a leaner and more efficient operator, which is being achieved steadily, after years of loss-making operations. More than anything else, we are proud of the culture of transparency and accountability that has been instilled in the organization which in time will restore the reputation enjoyed by the airline in the first few decades of its establishment,” The Chief Executive Officer of SriLankan Airlines Suren Ratwatte said.

When asked to comment on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the airline, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, Ajith Dias, stated that the negotiation is being initiated by the Government which is negotiating with several prospective partners who have communicated their expressions of interest.

He said the objective of the company is to focus on re-structuring the airline in order to ensure a framework for sustainability is in place for a PPP that the shareholder will enter into. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why is that cancelled all flights to Katanayake Airport can be diverted to Matala Air Port. What are the difficulties?
    Is that good we are having second International Air port .Great assets to our nation.
    We can continuation of 200 flights to Sri lanka
    without cancellation from 2016 or 2017.

    Now advantage for Mattla International Airport is become viable asset to Island all purposed

  2. Restructuring and revitalization of Sri Lankan Air services is target on undermined, its services that within different manuring by current mismanagement of UNP-Rail W… of policy of selling that Air services to Foreign Business enterprises.
    Needless to say their Intention of UNP rulers are running on different direction’s, they having no sing redress Air services at all.,

    They (UNP)-Ranil-MS & CBK) alliances want sell all Govt. assets, including Sri Lankan Air lines.
    The issues of lost assets selling by cheap they gain benefit by profiting.

    That they make lost is excuse for selling Sri Lankan two air lines for interest of foreign parties as well.

    The persons who are responsibility of selling Tax payers property and Govt. assets must be accountability for Public in future of charges of corruptions by law of land!

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