Jayantha Samaraweera, Sarath Weerawansa further remanded

jayantha-samaraweeraUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Parliamentarian Jayantha Samaraweera and UPFA MP Wimal Weerawansa’s brother Sarath Weerawansa were today further remanded till October 10.

Samaraweera and Weerawansa were arrested recently over allegations of misuse of Government vehicles.


  1. I strongly protest detain of Member of Parliament of Kalutra District Hon Jayantha Samarweera by
    so-called courts verdicts.
    The court of law be fair for justice without political bias. Judges must address and seek facts of accuse on real facts.

    • Parliament become powerless institution after Karu Jayasooriya being to Speaker of the House.

      Without consent of Speaker of the Parliament , there is NOT that possible to arrest and detain member of Parliament by court or Police of FCID.
      Ongoing Parliament has lost that power !
      Why is that ?

      The Current Speaker is not aware that the Power of Parliament and most paramount of sovereignty of the Chamber.
      We need more educated and intelligent person could be the Speaker of house who had skill on that legal background of his political carrier.

      This is first Parliament since 1948t that large number of members of Parliament has been arrest or detain by ruling Party of UNP -Ranil w.. MS and CBK . “good governances”.& ” Rule of law”.

      The Parliament free speech has not working and supressed by Speaker ,therefor democracy or rule of Law of our land has been disappear under current system of misrule of standing orders of Parliament…..

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