Injunction order issued against Vithanage’s movie

untitled-8An injunction order was issued today against Prasanna Vithanage’s movie ‘Usaviya Nihandai’ (Silence in the Courts).

In the movie, two women from a farming village about 100km away from country’s capital are raped within one year by court judge presiding over cases which involved their husbands as accused parties.

A newspaper editor publishes the cover up of the incident and with the buildup peer pressure, three years after the incidents took place, the Judiciary Services Commission appoints a tribunal consisting of three high court judges to investigate the accusations made by the newspaper.

The tribunal finds the judge to be guilty of all charges. Instead of dismissing the judge from duties, the Judiciary Service Commission sends him on compulsory leave with pay.

However 14 years later, even today, the editor and two women are still waiting for justice to be served. (Colombo Gazette)